Korea has a rich history of innovation and technological advancements.  Since premodern times, Koreans were always finding ways to improve their lives whether for educational purposes or for a better quality of life.  They were able to create their own language Hangul, as well as their own underground heating systems, and saunas.  Their military advancements have been revolutionary from their “turtle ships” to their time bombs.  Here we will focus on their tech inventions of the modern age.  Samsung has been a key figure of the advancement of technology in Korea but the motivation and hard work ethic of the Korean spirit is a huge factor in the continual advancement in technology in Korea which has made Korea a top 10 world economic power.  Here are the top 10 tech inventions of all time.

10)  Steam Mop

steam-mopThe steam mop was invented by Romi Haan in 2001, the steam mop is a type of electric mop that uses hot steam to disinfect floors.  Most Koreans don’t have carpets but rather hardwood floors which makes this invention a must have in every Korean family home. It uses steam to clean floors but the newer versions can now clean carpets as well. Unlike a regular mop, which requires cleaning agents such as bleach or detergent, a steam mop uses only heat from steam to disinfect the floors.

9) Kimchi Refrigerator


Koreans love their Kimchi but many don’t realize how difficult it is to make and more importantly to maintain.  Kimchi is just for all types of Korean dishes and with the invention of the Kimchi Refrigerator Koreans were able to enjoy Kimchi all year round because it is designed just for Kimchi and has different levels for fermentation.  It combines temperature, humidity, and air control.  For Koreans it is considered the #1 most wanted household appliance.

8)  Smart Transport Card 


Koreans use these Smart Transport Cards for city buses, subways, and even taxis.  It is a great way to charge up and pay.  It was first launched in 1995 and went live in 1996 in Seoul.  Every Korean has this card and it is a must for tourists who are visiting.

7)  Nano 3D Printing 


3D Printing is huge right now in the tech space.  The future uses of 3D printing technology is limitless. A team of Korean researchers have demonstrated for the first time ever the ability to make 3D printed nanostructure that is made entirely of graphene.  This invention of a new 3D printing technique could be applied in the future to fight against microscopic diseases.

6)  64 MB DRAM64mb-ram-The world’s first 64 MB DRAM created by Samsung Electronics.  As computer memory capacities grew, memory sim cards were used to save motherboard space and ease memory expansion. Instead of plugging in eight or nine single DIP chips, only one additional memory module was needed to increase the memory of the computer.  This has lead to computers becoming more slimmer and smaller and was the key to the invention of laptop computers.

5)  Smart Prosthetic Skin 


The smart prosthetic skin was invented by a team of Korean and American scientists.  It has the ability to detect or sense pressure, heat, as well as moisture.  It is as soft and elastic as human skin and it was developed by embedding stretchable microscopic sensors inside of soft silicone rubber.  South Korean researchers at the Seoul National University are credited with this invention and are at the forefront of this line of research.   This will be the first step in creating AI technology.

4)  MP3 Portable Player 


The MP3 Portable Player was the first portable MP3 player and it was launched in 1997 by Saehan Information Systems.  This has lead to many more MP3 players and later came the IPod by Apple.  Gone were the days of tapes and C.D.s as music became digital.

3)  Touch Screen Mobile Phone 


LG KE850 was the world’s first Completely Touch Screen Mobile Phone where the user had to user their fingers instead of a stylus.  LG has always claimed that the iPhone was a design that was copied from the LG KE850.  It is ranked #3 only because of the controversy as to who copied who, there is very little debate as to who came out with it first.  Now every smartphones has a touchscreen.



2) Hangul Word Processor


The Hangul word processor was developed by Lee Chan-jin and Kim Taek-jin in 1989.  It specialized support for the Korean written language and has gained a widespread use in South Korea.  Now all Microsoft Word has the Hangul word processor for drawing up documents.

  1. Samsung Electronic’s Galaxy Smartphone 


The greatest invention in Korean history has to be the Galaxy smartphone when it comes to tech.  Samsung has helped Korea’s economy by becoming the leader in electronics.  Samsung rivals only Apple when it comes to Smartphones.  The Galaxy Smartphone is considered by many to be the best smartphone on the market today.  It’s global recognition continues to grow every year.  The Galaxy S7 series is now having a better sales performance during its opening month compared to that of the S6 series. This is based on the results of Counterpoint’s sell-through survey on smartphones across 40 different countries.  For example in the United States, sales of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are up by 30%, while in Western Europe, sales are up by 20%.


  1. Mohammad Badran
    July 30, 2016 at 3:51 am — Reply

    Good morning. I have several patents for whic I need to build prototypes. Please guide how to start.

    Best regards

  2. mick
    September 18, 2016 at 3:36 pm — Reply

    you should change the title of this article from inventions to first to use or bringing out into market.

    1 Mp3 player technology and prototype was by German researchers
    2. Touch screen using hand was invented by Dr Hurst back in 1970s

  3. M. Victor Venkatesh
    June 1, 2017 at 12:29 am — Reply

    I want a person name who invented a designed by his own a hub which Ford car person picked up his design. He is a Christian Cobler now a big business man. I m trying to find out his name. He is from North Korea please.

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