K-Pop is bigger than ever.  Many thank Psy for that but before “Gangnam Style” K-pop had a loyal fan base all over the world.  K-Pop is South Korea’s #1 entertainment industry export.  It is a billion dollar industry that encompasses all forms of entertainment from music to tv shows to film and most importantly advertisements.  Many of these K-pop stars not only sing, but dance, model, and act.  They are also the fashion trend setters for Korea’s youth.  K-Pop is now going global, not only to other Asian markets but also North and South America.  Now K-pop stars are reaping the rewards and finally getting some serious pay.  Not only have they become K-pop stars but brand names.  Pop music is an international language and K-pop seems to speak it the best.  The devotion from fans can not be matched when compared to K-pop fans.  Will K pop stars become as big as American pop stars?  Probably not but as more and more countries embrace Kpop, a fraction of American success is still amazing.  Here are the top 5 wealthiest Kpop stars in regards to net worth.

5)  Kwon Ji Yong (G-DRAGON) 

NET WORTH:  16.1 Million 

G-Dragon Cinemagraph

G-Dragon is not only a rapper/songwriter but also a producer and model.  He was able to have success away from his boy band BIG BANG and launch his own solo ablum “Heartbreak”.  That album became #1 in 2009.  He has also collaborated with Justin Bieber.  He also does modeling on the side as well as fashion design.  He has a large luxury car collection featuring a Lamborghini Aventador.  Rumor has it that he has a full room that is dedicated to just his collection of shoes in his upscale Seoul apartment.  He has gotten endorsements from “Moonshot”(cosmetics company), KAPPA (clothing brand), Beanpole, North Face, G-Market, Sunny 10, CJ Group, Nikon, LG phones and more.

4)  Lee Ji Eun (IU) 

NET WORTH:  16.5 Million 

IU Cinemagraph

IU became famous for her song “Miya” and has gone on to make hit albums like “Growing Up”, “Marshmallow” and “IU, IM”.  She has also stared in Korean Dramas like You’re the Best as well as Variety Shows like Happy Together and Heros.  She has endorsements from UNIONBAY (clothing line), MyChew (Candy), Samsung Anycall, SK Telecom, S-Oil, Home Plus, Video Games, Chamisul (Soju Brand), and Crown Bakery just to name a few.

3)  Jung Ji Hoon (RAIN) 

NET WORTH:  25.2 Million 


Rain might be the original K-Pop male star.  He is known as a singer and an actor and has done well in both films in Korea as well as in American with Ninja Assassin.  He has done many sold out world tours.  He has made 7 albums, 6 in Korea and 1 in Japan.  He has his own entertainment company J. Tune Entertainment as well as his own clothing line called Six to Five.  He has been the king of endorsements having had endorsements with companies like Lotte, Giordano, Nikon, Pepsi, LG, BMW, LG, Ralph Lauren, and SK telecom just to name a few.

2)  Choi Si Won 

NET WORTH:  36.6 Million 



Choi Si Won’s net worth is hard to estimate as his family is worth over $500 million dollars as they are the owners of the Hyundai Department Store Chain.  His father is the CEO of Boryung Medicine.  Coming from a rich family, Choi Si Won found success as the most popular member of Super Junior.  He is a singer, actor, and model.  He was the king of twitter followers during the early stages of twitter in Korea.  His advertisements can be found not only in Korea but also China and Thailand where he has a loyal following.  He was so popular in China that he even appeared on a Chinese postage stamp.  His popularity in China is what drives his net worth.  A majoring of this income comes from Chinese endorsements.  His other endorsements include Elite Uniforms, Seoul Milk, Black Jacket, 12 Plus, and many more.  He has stared in many Korean/Chinese films as well as T.V. Shows and Variety Shows in both Korea and China.  He could very well be #1 by far once he takes over his father’s empire.

1) Park Jae Sang (PSY)

NET WORTH:  56.3 Million 


PSY became an international music sensation with his hit “Gangnam Style”.  It is one of the most watched videos on Youtube as well as the most liked.  He was already a success in Korea releasing 6 albums.  However with the success of Gangnam Style he was able to get mass exposure in the United States.  He appeared on talks shows such as The Ellen Degeneres Show, Today Show, and Late Night Talk shows.  It was reported that with Gangnam Style he made just under $9 Million.  Psy gets most of his income from music downloads, royalties, and youtube ad revenue.  He does many television appearances and gets plenty of endorsements.  It was reported that Psy bought a luxury condo in Los Angeles worth over 1.5 million dollars which he paid in cash.  He has endorsed Chamisul (Soju Brand), Haute couture, Hite Beer, Shin Ramen, LG, Somang (Cosmetics Brand), Bibigo (Korean Restaurant) and many more.


  1. Taylor
    March 6, 2017 at 4:31 am — Reply

    Excuse me, but you have got your information on Choi Siwon, the leader of Super Junior is Leeteuk, not Choi Siwon. Yes, Siwon is the most popular idol in Super Junior, however, he is not the leader, the leader is Leeteuk, the eldest of the group. Next time, please have someone else proofread and check all of your facts. Thank you, and the reason is, it can offend a lot of ELFs’, Super Junior’s fan base. Thank you.

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