Jessica loves reading long-form blog posts. Jessica was mesmerized by the opening statement, so she shared a 3,000 word essay to her friends. George related to the blog post’s conclusion, as he didn’t know why Jessica shared the article. And Caroline simply skimmed over the content, as there was simply too much information. Ironically, the moment Jessica “shares” the content, traces of Jesscia’s personal preferences diminish. While everyone could read the same article, are you sure everyone is experiencing the same article? Most of the time we don’t know why our friends share content. We just smile and carry on.

About Liner
Liner” is a web highlighting startup. Liner’s main goal is to help you highlight your favorite sentences across Medium, Wikipedia, and PDF files. They filter out excessive noise and help you focus on the most important sentences. You have better things to do.

They are a small highlighting obsessed team, who live and breathe highlighting. The team at Liner is comprised of two power developers who don’t eat, sleep, or blink. An almighty designer whose word is absolute. An operations manager who keeps them all alive. And finally a sarcastic marketer. Together they are aiming to Highlight Everything.


The Normal Web
Online content is often an unfocused excessive mess of information.  People have to plow through tons of noise-information to communicate a single idea.

Take a look below at the before and after shots of Liner in action.

The Story

The Highlighted Web

With highlights, your web surfing experience is supercharged. Highlighted content helps you focus on important areas and provides a deeper contextualized understanding of the source material. Highlighted information is interactive, as highlights can shift depending on what’s currently relevant.
Sometimes you only need one sentence from a 100 page document. With Liner it’s easy to summarize the article through key highlights. Most of the time. 80% of the information, can be explained in 20% content (Pareto Principle).
On the Highlighted Web. You can also leave targeted feedback. The current method of leaving comments is primitive at best. We’re talking about the first paragraph, at the bottom of the page. It’s time we have smarter conversations over the text itself.


The Story After

Big Data Magic
The real magic happens when they crowdsource a Big Data of highlights. Google/Pocket are limited to knowing what “pages” you prefer. And they built their empires by cataloging Internet pages. Liner goes a level-deeper and knows what “sentences” within the page you prefer. Google knows that Jessica has 20 bookmarked pages. Liner knows that Jessica has 20 bookmarked pages and at least +10 Highlights for each webpage.

Pocket/Instapaper are great for basic bookmarking. However, lack advanced highlighting features. You can easily import your existing Pocket/Instapaper articles into Liner, to highlight your existing library. After you highlight your articles, you can easily save your highlights to Evernote for future reference. It’s important to play nice with others.

Highlight Everything
Liner helps you highlight the web. Follow us while we build a smarter highlighted web. Highlight Everything at “


  1. Oleksandr
    December 5, 2016 at 5:33 pm — Reply

    Interesting. Because i had the same idea like you. I even created my own chrome extension called Bookmark Tree – Web annotations I started the project back in 2014. Than i found out that there are lots of alternatives. like and your. Just interested to know – do you have some money from this or it is just like your hobby ?

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