About Seoul Space

Seoul Space is Korea’s premier startup incubator and IT hub, ideally located in the heart Seoul fast-paced Kangnam district.

Striving to become the “Silicon Valley of Korea”, Seoul Space has laid great foundations for building an eco-system for Korea IT innovation and growth.

We have become leading platform for many of Korea’s IT startups and early-venture businesses to go global, as well as a default “soft-landing” pad for global internet and software companies, like Twitter or Evernote, to enter and/or grow in the Korean market.

Further, our Seoul Space blog and IT events have become key sources for unique insights, Korea IT trends and innovation, as as well as plug into the local IT scene in a professional, yet fun environment…

and things are just getting started!

To this end, Seoul Space offers a range of services:


  • IT and venture startup incubation (seed investment possible for select companies)
  • Startup “mentoring” by global, top-tier entrepreneurs for selected, Seoul Space resident companies
  • “Soft-landing” services for companies looking to enter the Korean market (or vice versa for Korean companies looking to expand outside of Korea).
  • Customized market research
  • Web, app, and mobile design and development


  • 24-7, 365 days open, startup office space.
  • Perfectly located in the heart of Seoul’s ever-popular and ultra trendy Kangnam area.
  • Madly affordable and flexible pricing for Seoul Space companies for the area (mentoring, monthly, daily, and hourly rates).
  • Special rates for private office space renters (in-building, independent office space)
  • Email us at contact@seoulspace.co.kr

Media and Events

  • Tech blog (in English) about the Korean IT industry. Got a hot IT related story? Let us know!
  • Provide full-service event, party and/or conference (corporate, private, public) management
  • Hold regular relevant and current topic IT events, seminars and workshops.


We’ve expanded!!!  If you want to drop by, please call to arrange which is the best location to visit.  +82 (2) 6475-0014
(When in doubt, the best bet is the Seoul Space HQ /BETA Office)

Our locations are:

1)  Seoul Space HQ [BETA Level Startups]:     In a bold, new experiment in startup acceleration and mentorship cooperation, Seoul Space has moved its HQ/Admin Office along with select Seoul Space startups to Foundry in Apgujeong Dong.  Come by to visit and check out how Seoul Space is continuing to support the Korea innovation eco-system through mentoring, free industry leader seminars, the mixing of global minds, companies and a diversity of startups.

  • 4F, 18, Apgujeong-ro 2-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06027, Republic of KOREA

2) Seoul Space [ALPHA Level Startups] / aka “Kstartup Accelerator“: 100-day Korea Startup Accelerator Program ~ Meet and the select Korean startups in this years batches. [Call for appointment]

  • Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Dogok 2-dong 517-10, KAIST Software Academy Building/카이스타트업: 카이스트 소프트웨어대학원, 서울특별시 강남구 도곡2동 517-10 (새주소: 서울특별시 강남구 논현로28길 25)

3) Seoul Space Events Office [Administration]

The Seoul Space Blog

Korea Internet, Mobile, IT and Innovation Trends and Insights Blog

Many people know Korea as the most broadband wired-country in the world and source of a lot of exciting IT stuff…which it is.  At same time, most people also have no idea what that stuff is, specifically, and can’t find any information about “it” in English.

Enter the Seoul Space blog….  a simple blog, written by a few post-uber-IT-geek industry guys, dedicated to innovations, start-ups, trends and events related to technology, internet, and all things digital happening within and coming out-of the great walled-garden of Korea (and the rest of Asia).

The blog is, and always will be a, work in progress… but in the least, we can promise you a lot of information and views that you will won’t find anywhere else without actually flying to Korea having a drink us or those in the IT biz.  Yes, that’s an open invitation.

* We’re always looking for talented writers with unique industry insights, gfx designers with a passion for all things internet and networking junkies to join our team.

E-mail your resume/portfolio to contact@seoulspace.co.kr

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