Seoul Space Team

David Lee, Co-Founder

Director of Google from early 2001 to 2006, David was the first international executive to lead the sales, operations, and business development efforts in Asia, Europe and Latin America, and launched Google’s offices in KR, JP, CN, AU, and elsewhere. David has since Co-Founded XG-Ventures, a renowned angel fund in Silicon Valley that has already exited 10 companies in its 30 company portfolio, and is lead Advisor for SK Telecom Ventures. He’s an LP in Y-Combinator and SV Angels, and has been profiled in both BusinessWeek and Forbes magazine, and still manages to find time for some rounds of golf between forays of IT world domination. Resistance is futile. All Your Startup Bases Belong to D!

데이비드는 2001년 초부터 2006년까지 구글에서 이사로 역임, 아시아, 유럽 및 라틴 아메리카의 영업, 운영 및 사업 개발을 한 최초의 글로벌 임원으로, 한국 일본 중국 및 호주에서 구글 지사를 설립하였다. 이후 데이비드는 실리콘 벨리에서 유명한 XG-Ventures 사를 공동 창업하여 현재 20개 사의 포트폴리오를 운영하고 있으며 8개 사를 exit한 경험이 있으며, 현재 SK Telecom Ventures에 자문위원으로 활동 중이다. 그는 실리콘 벨리의 Y-Combinator와 SV Angels의 파트너이고 저명한 잡지사인 Business Week과 Forbes에 실린 바 있다. 그 외에 취미로 골프를 즐긴다.

Richard Min, Co-Founder

Richard brings a over a decade of experience from across the Korean IT industry to the Seoul Space team. He founded Korea’s first pay-per-click search engine company, Zingu, launched the first Hello Kitty game for iPhone as Sanrio Digital’s only Global Licensed Partner, and lead Samsung Mobile and Electronics successful viral marketing campaigns in Asia. Richard is an official Mentor for the KCC’s IBS (Internet Business Startups) program, recognized authority on WebMasterWorld, a speaker at YVS and TechCrunch in Tokyo, and DMA Conference in New York, and was a Research Fellow at the Korean government thinktank, KIEP. Richard has consulted for global Fortune 500 enterprises (eg: Google, Twitter etc) and local Korean businesses as an industry authority, leader and pioneer on the digital frontier. No, sleep is not his forte. ROWR!

*KCC: Korea Communications Commission   *YVS: Youth Venture Summit *DMA: Direct Marketing Association *KIEP: Korea Institute for International Economic Policy

리처드는 한국 IT 산업에서 10년의 현장경험을 바탕으로 서울스페이스를 아시아의 IT 허브로 만들고자 창업했다 . 국채 최초 PPC (pay per click) 검색 엔진을 개발하여 회사를운영했으며, ‘헬로키티’ 국제 라이센스 파트너사인 산리오 디지털 사에게 최초 헬로키티 iphone game 개발하여 공급했으며, 또한 삼성 모바일의 바이럴 마케팅 캠페인도 진행했다. 정부 싱트탱크기관인 KIEP의 Research Fellow 와 뉴욕 DMA(Direct Marketing Assoc.)의 연사의 경험이 있으며, 현재 한국방통통신위원회가 주최하는 IBS (Internet Business Startups) 프로그램의 멘토, 일본 도쿄에 서 개최되는 YVS 및 TechCrunch Tokyo에서 연설을 할 예정이다. Fortune 500 기업 (예:구글,투위터…) 의 국내 진출 및 한국회사의 해외 진출에 the digital frontier로 역활을 하고 있다.

Sean Lee, Co-Founder

Sean Lee is a Digital Platform Specialist with over 17 years experience in the digital space. He has lead mobile software projects for Microsoft and hardware for Nordic Semiconductor. He was the Founder and CEO of MashUps Co.,Ltd. Sean’s team at Mashups was the first to develop an ibeacon solution for the Seoul Subway system. He’s also responsible for building the worlds first offline analytics platform for conferences and festivals. Augmented Reality and Fashion Blockchain, a few of the the projects he is currently working on at FashionChain. Prior to launching MashUps Co.,Ltd., Sean was CTO of 500v and worked for Samsung at Cheil Worldwide, Korea’s largest advertising agency.

Sean Lee는 디지털 관련 15 년 이상의 경험을 가진 디지털 플랫폼 전문가이다. 그는 마이크로 소프트와 노르딕 반도체의 하드웨어 모바일 소프트웨어 프로젝트를 진행하고 있으며 그는 매시업스의 설립자이자 CEO이다. 그의 팀은 매시업스에서 서울 지하철 시스템을 위한 첫번째 아이 비콘 솔루션을 개발하고 시범 사업을 진행 하였으며 또한 컨퍼런스와 페스티발을 위한 오프라인 분석 플랫폼을 구축해오고 있다. 현재 가상 현실과 IOT 관련 프로젝트들을 지속적으로 진행하고 있으며 최근 매시업스는 파이오니어스 한국을 런칭하였다.그는 500V의 CTO이었고 한국 최대의 광고 대행사인 삼성 제일 기획에서 일했다.

Chong-pil Yim, Co-Founder

Founder of CP Entertainment: A Seoul-based Concert and Artist Licensing, Events and Promotions Company with representation experience including the Pussycat Dolls and other international artists.  Chong-pil is an investor in various IT, entertainment, franchise and real estate ventures, including Seoul Space. He has lighting-fast PC gaming reflexes and makes a killer pasta sauce — both invaluable skills for any good startup.

CP엔터테인먼트 사의 창립자이며 서울스페이스의 공동 창업자이다.: 서울 지역의 콘서츠와 아티스트 라이센스, 이벤트 및 프로모션 회사와 함께 스티비원더 국내 공연을 시작하여 2009년에 푸시켓돌스 국내무대를 주관하였다. 또한 투자자로서 IT, 엔터테인먼트, 프렌차이즈 및 부동산까지 다양한 분야의 투자에 탁월하다. 이러한 경험을 토대로 음악과 엔터테인먼트를 IT와 연결하여 능력이 있으며 서울스페이스에 이벤트, 미디아, 투자사업 분야에 중요한 역활은 한다. 특히 서울스페이스 사업장 마련을 한 장본인이다.

A.J, jaehyung An / Lead Operations

AJ is the lead operations of Seoul Space and the Co-Founder & COO at Mashups Co.,Ltd. He worked as a manager for the business strategy division of TongYang Networks. AJ has over 13 years of large-scale strategy and implementation experience, managing double digit million dollar projects across multiple verticals.

Hyeonjun Park / Creative Director 

Hyeon-jun is the creative director at Seoul Space and the CCO of Mashups Co., Ltd.
He was responsible for establishing strategic partnerships and helping to build the company from its conceptual stage to a 25-companies operation at 500V.

John Yoon / Head Editor

John Yoon is the editor of Seoul Space. He is the lead data scientist and SEO analyst at Mashups Co.,Ltd. John worked on global viral media campaigns for brands such as Samsung and Ermenegildo Zegna.

Leean leeseul Park / Managing Editor

Leean is the editor of Seoul Space. She is currently working at Mashups as a data scientist. Before Mashups, Leean worked at TongYang Networks as a Business planner and marketer.

David Hyung / Designer

David has worked on delivering rich, useful digital experiences for some of the most respected brands worldwide. Trained in traditional graphic design and illustration, David has applied his expertise to all digital forms ranging from game design, interfaces, mobile, digital signage and character design development. His creative vision and skill have helped produce breakthrough work for many clients including Nike, Livestrong, 2012 Olympics, MTV, Nokia, HP and X-Games. Over his career, he has won virtually every award from the industry’s most prestigious competitions, including Cannes Lions, Clios, The London International Awards and One Show Interactive.

Rex Kim / Motion Director

Rex attended the Art Center College of Design with a focus in graphic and motion design. He then joined the ranks of the legendary motion design firm, Imaginary Forces. His work includes designing trailer graphics and title reveals for some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters. He has worked with many global clients such as Wynn Hotels, NFL Superbowl, CBS Rebranding Package, Mountain Dew, Nokia, Morgan Stanley, MTV, Comcast, New York Stock Exchange, Oppenheimer Funds and Walt Disney Pictures.

Niels Footman / Blogger

In nine years in Korea, I’ve earned a master’s degree, worked in the JoongAng Daily and Morning Calm, freelanced for, CNN Traveller and others, and now I’m doing PR work, mainly in consumer electronics. Most recently, I’ve picked up a niggling fascination with social media, too.

Erik Conrelius / Blogger

I’ve spent six years promoting technology companies in Korea and am currently the International Marketing Manager at Daumsoft, where I dig deep into the wild world of web 2.0. I’m also a big fan of networking in the offline world and will soon have collected enough business cards to start building a (small) house from them.