Blackpink Quiz

The Ultimate BLACKPINK Quiz – BLACKPINK Trivia for Super Fans

Are you a true BLACKPINK fan? This is the ultimate BLACKPINK Quiz that no one has been able to get a perfect 20 score without cheating. There is a combination of easy, medium, hard, and just plain impossible questions to separate the real Blinks from the fakes. However, even true BLACKPINK fans will have a hard time getting 18/20. This is because most BLACKPINK fans have their favorite and while they might know a lot about Jennie, they might not know as much as the others. This quiz tests your true overall knowledge of the group. Therefore, this is BLACKPINK trivia for SUPER FANS so don’t take this exam unless you know pretty much all there is to know about BLACKPINK.


It is by far the hardest BLACKPINK Quiz on the internet at the moment and will constantly be improved as the years go on. You will need to take the test on the computer as it will not work on mobile. 

Blackpink Quiz

Welcome to your The Ultimate BLACKPINK Quiz - BLACKPINK Trivia for Super Fans

Which Blackpink music video has the most views on YouTube?

Who was the second member of Blackpink to be revealed by YG Entertainment?

Jisoo made a cameo appearance on which 2015 Korean drama?

YG Entertainment originally planned to have how many members on Blackpink?

Blackpink’s first music show performance aired on SBS’s _______?

Which EXO member did Rose collaborate with in the SBS Gayo Daejun Acoustic Stage 2016?

Jennie is the model for what Korean Soju Brand?

What was the first song Blackpink performed on opening day at Coachella 2019?

Blackpink’s first Japan Tour took place in what year?

What was the name of Blackpink’s first reality show?

In 2018, Blackpink signed with what American Record Label in a global partnership with YG Entertainment?

Which Blackpink member has the most followers on Instagram?

Which Blackpink Music Video has an entry in the Guinness World Records for the most views in the first 24 hours on YouTube?

Jisoo is the global ambassador for which luxury fashion brand?

In the Music Video of Ddu-Du Ddu-Du what is Jennie eating on top of the diamond covered tank?

Which Blackpink Music Video featured the Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy Buds?

Where did Jennie study abroad for college?

What is Rose’s Korean name?

Blackpink’s single with Selena Gomez “Ice Cream” has songwriting credits from which female pop star?

Blackpink is the face of what Korean bank?

If you are having problems with the results remember to take the quiz on your computer and not your mobile phone.

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