Are you a true fan of one of the greatest Kpop Boy groups of all time, TVXQ? This is the ultimate TVXQ Quiz that no one has been able to get a perfect 20 score without cheating. There is a combination of easy, medium, hard, and just plain impossible questions to separate the real Fans from the fakes. However, even true TVXQ fans will have a hard time getting 18/20. The quiz will be able TVXQ throughout the years, so if you don’t about their member history, you are out of luck. This quiz tests your true overall knowledge of the group. Therefore, this is TVXQ trivia for SUPER FANS, so don’t take this exam unless you know pretty much all there is to know about the group’s history.

The Ultimate TVXQ Quiz for Desktop ONLY – NOT MOBILE

It is by far the hardest TVXQ Quiz on the internet and will constantly be improved as the years go on. You will need to take the test on the computer as it will not work on mobile. 

The Ultimate TVXQ Quiz


Welcome to your The Ultimate TVXQ Quiz - TVXQ Trivia for Super Fans

TVXQ was formed in 2003 with how many members?

What year did Jaejoon, Yoochun, and Junsu depart from TVXQ?

Who was first to join TVXQ?

What is Max and Yunho’s zodiac sign?

For TVXQs first public appearance and debut in a BoA and Britney Spears showcase, they performed what song?

TVXQ released a Japanese single which was used as the ending theme for what Japanese anime?

What was the last single the original 5 member group released together?

How tall is Changmin?

What was the name of TVXQ’s 2012 Japanese comeback solo tour?

Yunho and Changmin entered their mandatory military service in what year?

What was in Yunho’s drink given to him by an anti-fan that had him rushed to the hospital?

A clean version of the TVXQ single “Mirotic” changed the lyrics from “I got you” to _____?

What is their most recent Japanese album?

The original members of TVXQ made their first appearance as actors on what Korean sitcom?

When Yunho appeared on the Korean variety show Running Man what animal was he asked to draw?

How long was TVXQs original contract?

TVXQ has an endorsement deal with what beauty brand in Korea?

What is Yunho’s blood type?

What is TVXQ’s fandom color?

In which music video did DBSK dress up in animal costumes?

Take this test on your computer as it is not formatted for mobile.

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