Top Support Champions in League of Legends for Koreans

Support Champions

Top Support Champions in League of Legends for Koreans

Support is a vital role for winning bot lane and eventually winning the game. Being a support champion doesn’t mean being a passive player. While it is important to monitor the team’s health and positions during every team fight, you can also initiate fights and pick up kills. But the truth is, it is hard to make amazing plays by killing enemies by yourself. There are typically four types of support champions: healers (shielders), pokers, tanks, and dealers. Supporters must have great teamwork with the ADC. Therefore their main job early is to make it safe for their ADCs to farm and not die by enemies. This is why supporters choose their champions based on ADC champions. So who are the top support champions use by Koreans?

It is very important to not only know the best support champions but also best ADC champions for each meta and patches. Supporters can also roam around depending on their lane situations. You shouldn’t only focus on the early lane phase, but also focus on mid-late game team fights when it comes to choosing the champion. Here, there are lists of best support champions for the current meta after the 10.18 patch. These ranks are based on statistics from the Korean server, and will constantly change. The article will update every 3 months based on new data and patches.

Top 10 Support Champions in Korea

1. BlitzcrankBlitzcrank, best support champion

Blitzcrank is always one of the most picked support champions, especially in low elo. His Q is probably the most annoying ability in League of Legends for many people. Blitzcrank is a nightmare for squishy champions with no mobility. This is mostly the case of an ADC. The most used ADC champions right now are Caitlyn and Ashe. Once Blitzcrank pulls these champions, they would die if they don’t have their flash ready. This is probably why he is currently one of the best support champions you can play.

Blitzcrank can also easily dominate the lane by simply staying in the bush and positioning himself forward. This makes it really hard for enemy ADC to confidently take farms. The key to this is not to use your pulls unless you are very confident you can land it. It is important to always pressure enemies and make them fall behind in both farms and experience. This will give an upper hand to your lane and allow your ADC to farm safely. However, be aware that if you position yourself too far, you can easily get caught. Also, it is not a good idea to give so much pressure without any wards.

Best Blitzcrank Item Build:
Blitzcrank item build

2. SennaSenna, best support champion

Interestingly, Senna is one of the best ADC champions, yet also one of the best support champions. She becomes very strong once she grabs a couple of items. Senna scales hard and she is a great support with all her pokes and heals. She is also great at long-range ultimate for snipes and easy assists. Senna offers a lot of impact on fights with lethality build. With the proper runes and items, she does a lot of damage and heals extremely well.

It is very annoying as an enemy that Senna deals a massive amount of damage, yet also heals and shields her allies. She’s also great at roaming because her E gives her movement speed and hides allies within her E range. She used to be even stronger before her passive was nerfed. However, her passive is still great in lane phase and becomes very strong as the game runs longer. Unlike usual support champions, Senna must always buy lethality items.

Best Senna Item Build:
Senna item build

3. LuluLulu, best support champion

Lulu recently climbed up as a tier 1 support champion. It seems like she might become the very best support champion in the future. She is very good at poking and protecting her ADC and allies. You should mostly take E as level 1 to constantly annoy and poke enemies. Also, mastering E first is the best for protecting your ADC. Many people tend to master Q, however, it doesn’t actually help a lot in terms of protecting and supporting your team.

Bot lane is a duo of ADC and support, which is why their combination and teamwork are important. Lulu is pretty much good with almost all ADC champions, which makes her more flexible with her use. Her W is very useful to use on enemies because it literally makes them unable to attack or cast spells. During 2 v 2 fights in lane, Lulu can easily disable one enemy champion and win the fight. During team fights, it is best to use it on assassins who try to kill your ADC. All of her abilities, not to mention her ultimate, is really all about protecting her ADC and allies.

Best Lulu Item Build:
Lulu item build

4. MorganaMorgana, best support champion

Morgana always places herself in tier 1 or tier 2. She acts as a counter to every single support champion in the game, which is why many people say she is actually the best support champion. She is great at zoning enemies with her W so they would either be susceptible to her root or any other spells. Morgana is famous for having the longest stun in League of Legends. It is quite difficult to land her Q during the lane phase because of all the minions. However, once you land the Q, you and your ADC can deal a massive amount of damage.

Morgana’s Black Shield is probably the most important ability. With that one spell, she counters many strong support champions like Blitzcrank, Thresh, Leona, Bard, etc. Once you know how to time it and use shield efficiently, you can really protect your ADC or yourself during fights. This one ability can really determine the result of the fight.

Best Morgana Item Build:
Morgana item build

5. ThreshThresh, best support champion

Thresh is the most picked support champion in League of Legends with a pick rate of nearly 20%. He is loved by players from all tiers and considered the best support champion among high elo players. However, it takes a lot of time to be very good to him. He’s one of those champions that is easy to understand and play, but hard to be good at. What makes Thresh unique is that his kit allows him to make great outplays and do a lot of different things like support. Depending on how well you use his hook, lantern, and other abilities, he can perform a lot of good plays. In addition, every single one of his abilities can be used aggressively and defensively. This makes him very versatile and helpful in any situation. This is probably why Thresh is the most loved support champion in high elo.

Best Thresh Item Build:
Thresh item build

6. LeonaLeona, best support champion

Leona is the best support champion with any ADC champions. She offers a lot of engagement and can become very aggressive. Yet, she can also protect her ADC using her slows, stuns, and tankiness. She snowballs well and has a great ability to initiate team fights and disabling enemy champions with her CCs. Her ultimate is a big reason for this. Leona has great CC tools and her lockdown potential makes her useful for all stages of the game. Her AoE stun ultimate becomes insane during team fights. She is definitely the tank support where she engages and CCs enemies for allies. However, this also means that she’s very dependent on her allies. If her allies don’t do enough damage or react to her engagements, she is most likely to be left alone dead.

Best Leona Item Build:
Leona item build

7. BardBard, best support champion

Bard is recently becoming more used and getting the spotlight as a great supporter. There was a phase where he was considered a troll become many people could troll using his ultimate. However, now he is considered one of the best support champions. If you have a good knowledge of the game and know what to do with Bard, it can be very rewarding. He is very mechanically intensive, position-reliant, and very squishy.

Bard can be played in many different ways. His abilities take a lot of finesse and cooperation with teammates to make it work. His kits rely upon communication and others’ understanding of his play styles. Unlike many immobile support champions, Bard is the best for roaming with his passive and E. It is very easy for him to roam around by collecting chimes and creating tunnels through walls. Once your lane is pushed out, or your ADC returns home alone, it is best to use it as an opportunity to help out jungle or roam mid.

Best Bard Item Build:
Bard item build

8. LuxLux, best support champion

Lux was actually the best support champion recently due to her combination with Sona. Sona and Lux bot duo was tier 1 for a while, placing Sona and Lux as the best for bottom and support champions. Currently, she has been dragged down to tier 2, yet she is still one of the best. Lux deals a lot of damage despite being support and has one of the shortest cooldowns for their ultimate. When she max her ultimate, her base cooldown becomes 40 seconds, and shorter based on her runes and items for CD reduction.

She is very easy to play especially when your tier is not high. She has slows, shields, stuns, and damages as a supporter and can pick up kills by herself. During mid-late game it’s basically having another damage mid laner in your team. However, she can become extremely hard in higher tiers because she’s very reliant on your controls.

Best Lux Item Build:
Lux item build

9. YuumiYuumi, best support champion

Yuumi has been called the parasite ever since she was released. Many players do not like her as a support because they feel like the lane is 1 v 2, and she’s useless. However, her kits are very underrated. She has heal, slow, and decent damage. The best part is that she is not targetable. While other supporters may get caught alone and die, Yuumi is always with her ally. She is great for beginners because they can just spam heal while riding your ADC. If you are not the type of support that enjoys roaming, Yuumi might be a good option.

She, however, offers one of the highest skill ceilings in the game. At the highest level, you need to know what type of assistance each champion on your team needs during team fights. She gets a lot of hate but if she is used correctly, she becomes very useful. If you know how to use her well and your allies have lots of champions that are good with her, she becomes the best support champion. If you ever experienced going against or with a good Yuumi, you will understand how great she is. People shouldn’t underestimate the power of Yuumi.

Best Yuumi Item Build:
Yuumi item build

10. NautilusNautilus, best support champion

Similar to Thresh and Leona, Nautilus is a great tank support champion. He can really soak up a lot of damage which makes him great support. Nautilus needs to be played aggressively and with a team that waits for his engage to follow up. He is great in team fights because his ultimate can set a nasty combination with your allies. In addition, Nautilus has one of the most cohesive and best-built kits in the game.

However, he has no mobility and is very hard to escape. If your allies fail to follow up when you engage, you basically become a sandbag for enemies. It is important that you communicate with your team for any engagements. Regardless, he’s the tankiest support champion and can become really annoying. He’s not only great for being aggressive and imitating fights but also great at protecting his ADC.

Best Nautilus Item Build:
Nautilus item build

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