Top 10 Jungle Champions in Leauge of Legends Used by Koreans

Jungle Champions

Top 10 Jungle Champions in Leauge of Legends Used by Koreans

Junglers spend a lot of time in foliage between the three main lanes of Summoner’s Rift. They fight neutral monsters, gather buffs, and look for ways to flank opponents. While other players gain experience and gather gold, you as a Jungler need to accrue gold and experience by defeating monsters in the jungle. These monsters aren’t easy to kill like minions. Best jungle champions are able to sustain health throughout jungling, and be able to clear jungle camps quickly. While you are going through your camps, you should be aware of what is going on in other lanes. Jungle is the most important role in the game because you can really help out all lanes at any time. Depending on how well and smartly you gank lanes, you can win or lose the game.

The key to being a great Jungler is knowing when to attempt ganks and understanding how enemy jungler would move. Junglers put more importance on how well you read the overall game. While best top lane champions focus on their individual strength, team fights, split-pushing, best junglers are determined by other factors. These ranks are based on statistics in KR after the 10.18 patch. It will be constantly updated every 3 months when meta changes or big patches happen.

Top 10 Jungle Champions in KR

1. KarthusKarthus, best jungle champion

Karthus was initially released as a mage mid lane champion, however, it now became the best jungle champion. What makes Karthus so good is that he can pick up farm and kills from lanes as well as assist other lanes (post 6). He can take jungle camps quickly and sustain mana using his passive on Q. He does require a few controls when taking camps. Since he is squishy, you can’t just stand still and attack jungle monsters. You need to kite around and try to take less damage from monsters. This is the same for most other jungle champions, but Karthus needs more of this. His ganks are actually easier than most people imagine. Using his W, he can slow down enemies and definitely pick up kills early on.

It is important to not get counter jungled. Strong early jungle champions like Lee Sin or Graves can invade your jungle any time. If you are not careful with invasion, you might have a hard time early on. However, Karthus scales very hard and performs a massive amount of damage mid-late game. The champion itself becomes very annoying as it can continue casting abilities after his death. Unlike any other jungle champions, he can assist allies from anywhere by simply using his ultimate. Currently, Runic Echoes is very good and the best mid lane champions are mostly AD. This causes AP jungle champions, like Karthus, to take up tier 1 and 2 for jungle.

Win Rate: 49.86%

Pick Rate: 2.75%

Ban Rate: 11.07%

Best Karthus Item Build:
Karthus item build

2. EvelynnEvelynn, best jungle champion

Evelynn has always been part of the best jungle champions for a very long time. Using Evelynn requires a lot of practice, however, once you know how to play her she can be dominating. In order to play Evelynn you need to be an experienced player because before level 6 she is not very strong. However, this is pretty much her only weakness. If he ally lanes are pushed in, you may have a chance of picking up early kills. Even if you fail to do so, it is totally fine. Evelynn scales hard, so it is best to focus on farming up and reaching level 6. Once she hits level 6 and buys a couple of items, she could easily land successfully ganks.

She becomes very scary for enemies because she can come out of nowhere and instantly murder you. She has great burst damage, and once she gets fed she is unstoppable. For those who experienced going against an Evelynn, you probably know how hard it is to prevent her ganks and dealing with her is. With insane damage and ultimate that can successfully take her out of danger, Evelynn is the strongest jungle champion when it comes to ganks and damage. However, you must be aware of pink wards that can reveal you. If you fail to do this, you might actually get caught and killed by enemies.

Win Rate: 49.25%

Pick Rate: 4.71%

Ban Rate: 5.19%

Best Evelynn Item Build:
Evelynn item build

3. EkkoEkko, best jungle champion

Ekko is one of the strongest champions in solo queue. He expanded its role from a mid laner to a jungler. With the trend of AP assassin jungle champions, he is one of the strongest jungle champions right now. Ekko does an immense amount of burst damage with his stacks. His abilities are also very easy to land and control. He has engagement, slows, and stuns for all of his abilities. Most importantly, his ultimate can keep him safe from dangerous situations. This makes it really easy for Ekko to jump into the enemy to assassin one of them, and come back out safely.

During team fights, his Q stuns, and ultimate can be very useful as more enemies are crowded. His jungling is very stable with his shield, and his ability to kite around. He is very good at counter jungling and running away with his great mobility. If you prefer to have mobility rather than none, like Karthus, Ekko is probably your best pick as a jungle.

Win Rate: 51.41%

Pick Rate: 11.30%

Ban Rate: 14.37%

Best Ekko Item Build:
ekko item build

4. GravesGraves, best jungle champion

Graves is currently going up and down the chart. He can be the best jungle champion, or he can fall a little low. Either way, he is one of the tier 1 jungle champions right now. Although there is a huge trend in AP jungle champions, Graves keeps his place as one of the top junglers. This already shows how great Graves is as a jungle champion. If there’s any nerfs on AP jungle champions or items, Graves will definitely become the #1 jungler in the Rift. He is one of the most stable jungle champions. His auto-attacks push back jungle monsters, allowing him to kite around without taking much damage. This is why many Graves users prefer not to get a leash. This allows his allies to take an early advantage in lane.

His jungling speed is considered one of the fastest and he is great at counter jungling. Graves becomes extremely strong once he picks up couple lethality items. He also has great ganks using his slow and blind from W and engagement using his E. It is important as a jungler to take jungle objectives safely. Graves can easily solo dragon and take objectives without help. He is not very hard to play, which makes him one of the most used jungle champions for both low and high elo. One thing you should be aware is that his auto attacks could be blocked by minions. When you gank a lane, try to avoid fighting among minions because you will land no attacks on enemies.

Win Rate: 50.63%

Pick Rate: 18.01%

Ban Rate: 32.31%d

Best Graves Item Build:
Graves item build

5. Elise

Elise, best jungle champion

Along with Karthus, Ekko, and Evelynn, Elise is another strong jungle champion. However, she requires a good understanding of her abilities and practices. Some people might struggle with maintaining health while taking jungle camps. Once you understand the technique and routes for her jungle, she can be extremely handy. Elise’s ganks are one of the best as she can easily engage and stun enemies while dealing with burst damage. Most people underestimate the amount of damage Elise can do early on with her combos.

The best aspect of Elise is that she can turret dive safely. In fact, a lot of high elo Elise players start turret diving at level 3. Your E in spider form will make you avoid turret shots after you dive enemies. It is important for you to attack enemies first under the turret so that the turret targets you. With the help of your allies, you can finish off the enemy and easily use your E to get out of being the target. This is why Elise is very often used among high elo players and professional players.

Win Rate: 51.19%

Pick Rate: 6.27%

Ban Rate: 11.18%

Best Elise Item Build:
Elise item build

6. Nunu & WillumpNunu, best jungle champion

Couple months ago, Nunu was the best mid lane champion, and one of the best jungle champion. Currently, he has fallen off a little bit, yet still remains one of the best among junglers. Previously, a lot of people took Predator as their runes for Nunu. However, it is now best to take Phase Rush. With celerity and water walking, Nunu already has a bonus movement speed when he ganks lanes from the river. It is not necessary to take Predator, especially after it was changed. Using Phase Rush, he can very easily increase his movement speed to engage on enemies and successfully land his stun. Once he lands his stun, he can pretty much hit them with his full-charged ultimate. Enemies would have to use flash or die once this happens.

Nunu’s ultimate is insanely strong unless enemies are tanks during mid-game. Most people do not realize how much damage a fully charged ultimate can do. People can simply disappear after getting hit by his ultimate. Nunu’s jungling speed is the fastest among all junglers. His Q deals damage that is as strong as your smite. This is why it is very hard to lose objectives when you play Nunu. He can solo dragon at level 4 very easily using his Q. If you have smite charged twice, you can solo dragon very quickly without having enemies noticed.

His ganks are probably as good as his jungling skills. With his W, he runs into lanes with high speed and he doesn’t get slowed. It is also very hard to dodge his snowball. Even with wards in the jungle, Nunu can land ganks very successfully. The only weakness is that he is squishier than you imagine. Before he gets his core tank items, he is as squishy as normal mage champions. Also, he is very weak against stuns and traps since he is vulnerable while he rolls his snowball. If you are careful with these weaknesses, he is one of the best jungle champions to use.

Win Rate: 50.96%

Pick Rate: 5.25%

Ban Rate: 3.27%

Best Nunu Item Build:
Nunu item build

7. NidaleeNidalee, best jungle champion

Nidalee is one of the hardest, yet also one of the strongest jungle champions. She is very squishy and requires quite a bit of kiting when it goes around jungle camps. Many low elo players often underestimate the amount of damage she does. Her jungling is actually faster than what many people think. However, it becomes very hard when it comes to ganks. It is important to land your Q when you gank or fight. If you continue missing her Q, it is probably best not to play her.

Nidalee is considered difficult, especially for those in low elo, because you need to land all abilities and controls her very well. She is squishy, but deals a lot of damage. If you fail to deal with all this damage, you may find yourself caught among enemies and end up dying. If you know how to play Nidalee, she becomes extremely strong and literally sweeps all around the Rift. This is why many upper-tier players use Nidalee when they use their secondary accounts.

Win Rate: 48.86%

Pick Rate: 8.20%

Ban Rate: 7.53%

Best Nidalee Item Build:
Nidalee item build

8. Lee SinLee Sin, best jungle champion

Lee Sin is one of the most popular jungle champions in Korea. He is very versatile and great at making flashy plays (inSec). Lee Sin has one of the highest damage combos in the early game and is great at keeping certain champions at a distance due to his movement. He can take jungle camps relatively unscathed. Currently, most top tier jungle champions are AP, Lee Sin still remains one of the top 10.

He is fairly easy to play yet very strong. This is probably why he is always part of the top 5 most used jungle champions from iron to challenger. However, the gap between a bad Lee Sin and a good Lee Sin is very big. His plays can be totally different once you know how to fully make use of him. His W on allies, minions, wards, and ultimate with the right angle can make insane plays. Lee Sin itself is a very strong champion, but he can get even better depending on your skills.

Win Rate: 48.58%

Pick Rate: 22.16%

Ban Rate: 21.21%

Best Lee Sin Item Build:
Lee Sin item build

9. HecarimHecarim, best jungle champion

Hecarim is known for getting early kills because most players do not respect the damage and healing that come from stacked Conquerer, Q, and W. He is great at hanging on almost to the point of death long enough to get a kill. The sheer amount of sustain he gets from Conqueror and W in team fights is crazy. His jungling speed is fairly fast and it is easy to sustain your health with your heals.

His ganks are probably one of the strongest attributes of a jungle champion. He gets massive movement speed with his E. This makes it very hard for enemies to prevent his ganks even with wards out in the jungle. Also, Hecarim ultimately is a great engage and it also fears champions. This is not only great for ganks but becomes very handy in team fights. Hecarim is best used by ganking as much as possible early on so that the team has the upper hand.

Win Rate: 49.70%

Pick Rate: 7.62%

Ban Rate: 5.60%

Best Hecarim Item Build:
Hecarim item build

10. Master YiMaster Yi, best jungle champion

Master Yi itself has a negative connotation. While people say he is extremely strong and annoying once he’s fed, most of them doubt Master Yi in their team. This is because a lot of unskilled players have been playing Master Yi since the release of League of Legends. During 2019 winter, Mater Yi became a huge hit with Master Yi and Taric duo. The combination was called MaTa in South Korea. This was insanely strong because Master Yi could basically kill everyone with Taric next to him. They could even dive under turret very easily with Taric’s ultimate and Master Yi’s Q.

He has been always one of the most loved jungle champions, especially in low elo. Once he starts picking up a couple of kills, he gets immensely strong and unstoppable. However, he can’t do much when enemies have a lot of CCs. Once he gets stunned or hindered by all sorts of CC, he can’t do much. It is actually very easy to counter Master Yi. This is probably why many players fail to use him properly and people started to have this image of Master Yi as a troll or bad champion. However, once you know how to play him correctly he is indeed very strong. There are actually a lot of Grandmaster and Challenger Master Yi users.

Win Rate: 49.57%

Pick Rate: 6.79%

Ban Rate: 11.73%

Best Master Yi Item Build:
Master Yi item build

Honorable Champions


Kha’Zix not only has the strength of other lethality assassins but also has way more opportunities to do damage. He just needs his E to be up to do damage. Kha’Zix is one of the safest junglers to use and has a surefire way to commit, while also having a guaranteed escape afterward. Once he gets to level 6 he’s the safest stealth champ in the entire game.  He’s probably as good as Evelynn when it comes to stealth. In addition, once he levels his wings, he will have another guaranteed escape mechanism. He can go and do whatever he wants and opponents will not be able to catch or punish him for his kill commitments.

While Kha’Zix can definitely do a lot of damage as an assassin, he becomes very weak against CCs. Any stuns or slows will make him invulnerable and impossible to escape within time. It is very important to burst down the enemy and come back out within a very short time. Kha’Zix is best used by cutting off enemies that are separated from their teams.

Win Rate: 50.57%

Pick Rate: 2.83%

Ban Rate: 0.48%


Fiddlesticks was considered a joke of a champion in the jungle, however, now he is considered a great jungle pick after his remake. He has become a great alternative if Karthus is banned, and he is also a great counter for Karthus. He is able to do fast, leashless jungle clears without giving up a lot of health due to his new AoE W. His passive also creates mind games for enemies. His crowscare wards will literally flash or move, making enemies very confused. There have been a lot of plays using his passive to play around with enemies.

His ultimate can also fear enemies when it is used out of their vision. This becomes very useful during team fights. With his AoE ultimate and W, he can do a lot of damage and heal himself in the middle of the crowd. The problem with Fiddlesticks is he lacks mobility and many people underestimate his abilities. It is best to take Predator with Fiddlesticks to cover up his weakness in mobility.

Win Rate: 51.80%

Pick Rate: 2.88%

Ban Rate: 0.91%

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