The Baeksang Arts Awards are regarded as the Academy Awards or the “Oscars” of South Korea. This is the top award a Korean actor in film, theater, or television can win. In addition, it honors the best Korean movies and dramas of the year. It aims to honor outstanding achievements in the South Korean entertainment industry. Their red carpet is filled with beautiful Korean actresses and actors from Korean cinema. It is held every year (springtime) by the IS PLUS Corp.¬†

History of the Baeksang Arts Awards

Baeksang Arts Awards

The Baeksang Arts Awards were established in 1965 by Chang Key-young, the founder of the Hankook Ilbo newspaper. The awards were initially created to celebrate the achievements of the newspaper’s journalists, but they soon expanded to include various categories of the arts, including television, film, and theater.

Over the years, the awards have become more significant, attracting more and more attention from the public and the entertainment industry. The event is now considered the most prestigious award in South Korea’s entertainment industry, with past winners including some of the most famous and respected names in the country’s film, television, and theater industries.

Categories of the Baeksang Arts Awards

The event includes various categories, including Best Film, Best Drama, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay, and many more. The awards cover television and film, and the categories are divided into three main sections: television, film, and theater.

Some of the most popular categories of the event include Best Drama, Best Actor, and Best Actress. These categories are always fiercely competitive, and the winners often receive even more significant roles and recognition in the entertainment industry.

Significance of the Baeksang Arts Awards

Baeksung Arts Awards

The Baeksang Arts Awards is more than just an award ceremony; it is a cultural event closely watched by millions of people in South Korea and worldwide. The awards are considered a barometer of success and a way to gauge the public’s interest in a particular film, drama, or theater production.

Winning the prestigious ward is significant for any actor, director, or writer in South Korea’s entertainment industry. The awards often lead to increased recognition, more significant roles, and more tremendous success in the industry.

The event also allows the entertainment industry to showcase its talents and celebrate the past year’s achievements. The ceremony is always a star-studded event, with many of South Korea’s most famous actors and actresses attending to show their support for their colleagues and friends.

Baeksung Arts Awards 2022


Q: When is the Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony held?

A: The Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony is typically held in May of each year.

Q: How are the winners of the Baeksang Arts Awards chosen?

A: The winners are chosen by a panel of judges who are experts in the entertainment industry.

Q: Can foreign actors and actresses win a Baeksang Arts Award?

A: Foreign actors and actresses can win if they appear in a South Korean film or drama.

Q: What is the significance of winning a Baeksang Arts Award?

A: Winning a Baeksang Arts Award is a significant achievement in the South Korean entertainment industry and often leads to increased recognition and more significant roles.

Q: How long has the Baeksang Arts Awards been around?

A: It was first established in 1965.

The event is always a star-studded night. You will find many of Korea’s top actresses and actors in film and television. Winning an award can transform an actor’s career in South Korea. For young actors especially, there are categories such as Best New Actor/Actress and Best New Director for both film and television. Winning the award cements credibility and opens new doors for the actors in Korea. It has been a launchpad for more significant roles in future projects. For example, before making it big in the United States, Bong Joon Ho won multiple Baeksang Arts Awards.

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