EDM festivals are back in Korea and are here to stay. The famous Thai Songkran music festival, S2O, debuted in Korea in 2022 at Seoul Land. This EDM festival may have ended, but here’s everything you need to know before going to S2O Korea Music Festival next year!

About the S2O Korea Music Festival 

S2O is a two-day EDM water festival event based on Thailand’s traditional New Year watering festival, Songkran. This festival is also held in other parts of Asia! This includes Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and China, during the spring/summer season. Headliners for past S2O festivals include Yellow Claw, Knife Party, Steve Aoki, and Tiesto. In 2022, S2O was held at Seoul Land. Seoul Land is one of the many theme parks in Seoul, and it has various events and entertainment throughout the year. Be sure to check out other places you can visit in Seoul!

S2O Festival Korea || Photo credit: S2O Fest homepage

4 Tips for festival-goers

Purchase Tickets Online or In-Person at the Venue

There are two English-friendly websites where you can book tickets for this festival: WEMAKEPRICE and Global Interpark. You can find the direct link on the official S2O Korea website or their Instagram or Facebook page. If you purchase tickets on WEMAKEPRICE, you must be on a PC. If you buy tickets on Global Interpark, there are no restrictions on what device you must be on when booking. You can secure tickets at an early-bird or presale rate less expensive than the original price. This can only be done by purchasing tickets online during the open tier-level dates.

You can find out when those dates are on S2O Korea’s Instagram or Facebook. Make sure to save the receipt or confirmation email after booking the ticket to get your festival bracelet at the site sales booth on the right of the Seoul Land main entrance. There will be multiple tents set up, and you need to get into the line of the site you purchased from.

If you want to purchase tickets in person, tickets are on sale until 8 p.m. at the “현장 판애 | Foreigner” tent of the main entrance ticket booth. This will be to your right of the Seoul Land main entrance near the restrooms. Purchasing tickets requires an ID and a card as the method of payment.

Take A Tram or Walk to Get to The Main Entrance 

A long walkway will lead to the Seoul Grand Park gate that you have to walk through if you take the subway to the venue. This walkway has a cafe, convenience store, and tables outside. You could buy a quick snack and drink before you enter the venue! Once you reach the gate, you can purchase a ticket for the tram to take you to the Seoul Land main entrance. One ticket costs 1,500 ₩, and you can pay by card or money. You could walk to the gate if you don’t want to buy a ticket. The tram fills up quickly when the festival is over, and you may have to walk back to the station. 

Ride the Seoul Land Attractions and Eat Yummy Food 

Enjoying the music is not the only thing you can do at this festival. If you get to the venue early enough before your favorite DJs play, you have time to explore everything this festival has to offer! For example, you can ride the Seoul Land attractions, take photos at hidden locations that have pretty backgrounds, and check out the food vendors! Multiple restaurants and food trucks for different cuisines you might be craving.

Wear Clothes You Don’t Mind Getting Wet

This is a water festival, and you probably will get wet. Vendors inside the venue will sell clear glasses and waterproof bags for your phones. If you plan on staying in the “Wet Zone,” wear clothes suitable for water. Some examples would be swimsuits or dry-fit/microfiber polyester-type clothing. Other types of clothing may feel uncomfortable to wear after a while because they may stick to your skin quickly and take hours to dry. You also want to wear open-toed shoes, like sandals or slides, and avoid wearing socks. Wet socks in sneakers will cause your feet to wrinkle. 

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