Why do Korean celebrities have such great taste in clothes? While Kpop and Korean skincare has overtaken the world, Korean Fashion is not far behind. Korean fashion brands and designer brands can now be found all around the world. The primary reason for this is the rise of Kpop and Kdramas in Korea and internationally. Kpop and Kdramas were able to show the eclectic style of Korean fashion through Korean idols and celebrities. This helped Korean fashion trends go global.

Now Seoul is home to Seoul Fashion Week, which is gaining a lot of attention in Asia and worldwide. There you will find the latest edgy yet affordable Korean street style Fashion. Along with high-end Korean luxury brands. The Korean government has aggressively searched for new designers to promote Korean fashion. To prepare you for the 2022 season, we have selected some of the top Korean fashion brands you should know.


Korean Fashion Brands Stylenanda

STYLENANDA is the top Korean fashion brand for 2022. It was founded by 34-year-old Kim So Hee back in 2004. Fifteen years later, it was acquired by L’Oreal as they saw STYLENANDA’s influence on the younger generation in Asia, who are constantly looking for new types of fashion and beauty. The brand’s visual perspective has been influencing design in Korea to where contemporary fashion stands today. Therefore, their designs are some of the most coveted and sought-after pieces. Most of their consumers are Millennials. The brand does over $160 million in yearly sales thanks to its beauty brand 3CE. They are not only a beauty brand but also a beauty brand. It is estimated that L’Oreal paid close to $375 million for acquiring STYLENANDA.

Instagram Followers: 1.4 million


Gentle Monster

Korean eyewear brand GENTLE MONSTER focuses on trendy sunglasses and optical glasses. They are known for their artistic styles and have gone outside Korea and into markets in China and Europe. Moreover, GENTLE MONSTER collaborated with Huawei by integrating cutting-edge technology and high-end fashion to create one of the best smart eyewear. 

The fashion eyewear brand (founded in 2011) became a hit on social media for its futuristic looks that combined elegance and fun. They have a wide range of selections, from minimal to eye-catching styles. In addition, they have been setting up museum-like brick-and-mortar spaces where consumers can shop via their multi-sensory experiences. GENTLE MONSTER also did a collaboration with Jennie of BLACKPINK called Jentle Home. Jennie’s childhood memories inspired the design.

Instagram followers: 906,000


Korean Fashion Brands Minjukim

MINJUKIM was the winner of Netflix’s Next in Fashion series. Therefore she received $250,000 for winning the series and got to release her brand on the high fashion online mall NET-A-PORTER. She has already established herself as one of the top Korean fashion stars in the business. She has styled Kpop stars such as members of BTS. Moreover, her fashion brand is known for its imaginative collections that combine bold silhouettes with joyfulness.

In addition, before joining Next in Fashion, Minju Kim was previously the 2013 H&M Design Award winner and was shortlisted for the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers in 2014. 

Instagram Followers: 645,000

Hyein Seo

Hyein Seo

Korean fashion brand Hyein Seo has been worn by top international music stars such as Rihanna and G-Dragon. Therefore, the brand has a streetwear edge thanks to these musical stars. The brand focuses a lot on texts and slogans that draw on counterculture. It screams female empowerment and expression. In addition, it is one of the more popular Korean fashion brands that is gaining much traction in the states. 

Instagram Followers: 182,000

Andersson Bell 

Korean Fashion Brands

Andersson Bell is a Korean fashion brand for crossing fashion and street aesthetics. They were able to turn their street fashion brand into a luxury brand. The brand was founded in 2014 and is very popular among the young crowd in Asia. They offer products for men and women and have gained much traction in the west. Furthermore, they were able to enter NET-A-PORTER back in 2018. In addition, in 2019, Jungkook from BTS wore Andersson Bell sneakers for the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.  Moreover, the Korean fashion brand has entered over 100 retailers in over 20 countries.

Instagram Followers: 180,000

8 Seconds


The fashion division of Samsung C&T launched 8 Seconds back in 2012. Therefore, you can find over 40 stores all across South Korea. In addition, they expanded into China in 2017 by collaborating with Kpop Superstar G-Dragon from Big Bang for the GD Collection.

Instagram Followers: 153,000

Reike Nen

Korean Fashion Brands


Reike Nen was launched in Seoul in 2010. It was started by Korean designer Yoon Hongmi who is known for blending silhouettes with new details effortlessly. Reike Nen is a handbag and footwear brand that combines classic and modern styles. Furthermore, the brand uses high-quality leathers, velvets, and corduroy. Moreover, all their items are handcrafted in South Korea.

Instagram Followers: 112,100


Korean Fashion Brands

Korean fashion shoe brand YUUL YIE focuses on hand-made heels. The brand offers sculptural heels and intricate details. Therefore, it has many unorthodox designs that are being worn by some of the top fashion influencers. Moreover, these designs include heels inspired by stones on streets, cubes, coral reefs, and ocean waves. YUUL YIE is sold in select trendy shops around the world.

Instagram Followers: 112,000


Korean Fashion Brands

IMVELY was launched in 2005 and is now one of the top Korean fashion brands for young women in South Korea. It has been around for over 15 years and has started to take off in 2020 with the younger generation. However, the brand is one of Korea’s most successful first-generation online fashion shopping malls. Furthermore, they have set up over 20 offline branches across Seoul.

Instagram Followers: 103,300



SJYP is a Korean streetwear fashion brand that was founded in 2013. The brand is known for its 90’s style of denim interpretations. Many of their consumers are loyal Kpop fans. This is because many Kpop idols wear SJYP because it gives off a strong style statement on stage. For example, Girls Generation’s Tiffany and Yuna, 4Minutes Hyuna, and Lee Hyori are some Kpop stars that have worn SJYP. Therefore, their collection offers some of the latest trends in women’s streetwear. However, they also sell for men, so I don’t think it is solely a brand for females. It is just that close to 80% of their customers are women.

Instagram Followers: 101,000




Korean Fashion Brand CRES. E. DIM. was launched in 2009. The name comes from the musical term “Crescendo e diminuendo,” which means slowly getting louder and softer. Therefore, the brand aims to create directional silhouettes by experimenting with different overlaps of fabrics, shapes cut into fragments, and subtle colors. 

Instagram Followers: 75,300

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