Korean phrases are very easy to learn. The Korean language is surprisingly easy to learn, but for those looking for a quick guide to Korean phrases to know, SEOULSPACE has just the infographic for you. These ten phrases are pretty much all you need to know if you are traveling to Korea for a short period of time. It will only take about 1-2 hours to fully memorize these Korean phrases. Getting around Korea for tourists can be difficult without knowing the basic Korean phrases. So take some time to memorize these phrases and practice speaking them as quickly as possible. The faster you speak it, the more natural you will sound.

The list is based on the phrases you will use the most. If you are traveling to Korea, these are the Korean phrases to know that will help you in everyday situations. So start with #1 and work your way down. Koreans will give you extra service if you are a foreigner once they find out you have taken some time to learn the Korean language.

For a more detailed list, you can check out this article here

Top 10 Korean Phrases to Know

Infographic Korean Phrases
Infographic by SEOULSPACE Designer Cindy Nguyen

Hello – Ahn Yeong Haseyo

Used when meeting, greeting, arriving, seeing someone, entering a store, etc. You will be staying this constantly as you meet people.

Thank you – Kam Sa Ham Nida

Used the same way as the English would for the phrase “thank you.” Like Ahn Yeong Haseyo, try to say this as often as possible to show respect. 

How much is it? – Ol Ma Yeh Yo?

Make sure you point to something and ask, “How much is it?”. Then the store owner will either respond in Korean or English or show you the price using a calculator. 

Sorry – Chway Seong Ham Nida 

This can be used when accidentally bumping into someone or making a mistake. 

Yes/No – Neh/ Ahn Ni Ye Yo

This will be the same context as in English. 

Please give me ___ – ___ Joo Seh Yo 

Remember to replace the ___ with what you want to ask for at a store, street food stand, or restaurant. For example, “Please give me water” would be Mul Joo Seh Yo.

Do you have ___ – ___ Iss Seo Yo?

Remember to replace ___ with what you want to ask is available. For example, “Do you have kimchi?” is Kimchi Iss Seo Yeo?

Where is ___? – ___ Oh Di Yeh Yo? 

Remember to replace the ___ with the place you are looking for. For example, “Where is the bathroom?” is Hwa-jang-shil Oh Di Yeh Yo? 

I can’t speak Korean – Han Guk Mal Jal Mo Thae Yo

If someone starts talking to you in Korean, saying this will let them know you’re not good at speaking Korean. 

Excuse Me – Jeo Gi Yo

This Korean phrase is used when you want to get someone’s attention or when you want to call a waiter at a restaurant.

10 Key Korean Phrases

These ten key Korean phrases will allow you to get through a week in Korea without issues. You will be fine if you know the bare minimum for simple conversations with people. These are the top 10 basic Korean phrases to ensure your time in Korea is as easy as possible!

There are many ways to say Korean phrases, such as “excuse me” and “thank you.” Also, there are specific phrases that you’ll use for certain situations. It’s important to know when to use these basic Korean phrases, especially in South Korea. These different situations make learning the Korean language fun and interesting. 

You can use Google translate or Naver translate to hear the word in Hangul to hear the correct pronunciation. To learn more about the phrases in detail, click on the English equivalent of the phrase. 

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