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Best Made for Korea Luxury Cars – Special Korean Edition Series

Luxury automakers are looking to break into the Korean market by creating special edition cars for Korea. This is why they continue to create limited edition, customized vehicles for South Korea. Here are a few of our favorite made-for-South Korea luxury cars.

Lamborghini – Aventador S Roadster “Korean Special Series”

Korean Special Edition Cars

Lamborghini released the Aventador S Roadster “Korean Special Series” inspired by South Korea’s rich history and culture. It comes in two colors, Green Ocno and Blue Emera. Green Ocno symbolizes Korean sentiment. Moreover, it is fitted with black rims and a graphic pattern. The Blue Emera represents the intelligence and wisdom of South Korea. The interior is decorated with red graphics on the seats and rear backing. It represents Korea’s traditional windows. However, it is exclusively available only in South Korea. Therefore, the entire development process, from conception to the special editions, focused solely on clients in South Korea in mind.

Rolls Royce Special Edition Ghost Seoul Edition

Rolls Royce South Korea

Rolls Royce celebrated over a decade of cordial ties with South Korea through their Bespoke Collection for Korea. Therefore, the Bespoke Collection embraces the aesthetic heritage of South Korea regarding Seoul and Busan. The two special edition cars include the Rolls-Royce Ghost for Seoul and the Rolls-Royce Wraith for Busan. The Ghost focuses on white and black, with red and blue design elements, a color scheme chosen to respectfully mirror the country’s Taegukgi national flag’s traditional Korean colors. In addition, the exterior is Andalusian White, a bright white that symbolizes purity and hope and is appropriate to the metal element.

In addition, a hand-painted design represents the profile of Namsan Tower in Seoul. Moreover, this is one of South Korea’s most visual landmarks. The rear-seat theatre and Bespoke Audio system keep riders comfortable, pampered, and amused. The Starlight Headliner handcrafted leather massage seats with perforated leather for air ventilation to allow for easy breathing and calming headrest cushions embroidered with ‘RR’ monograms.


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