We will break down the best members of NCT based on the group’s singers, rappers, and dancers. But the NCT unit is vast and comprised of many subunits. So before we break down the best for each category, we need to understand NCT overall. SM Entertainment formed NCT, and their group name stands for Neo Culture Technology. The group has 23 members overall but is divided into four subunits. Each subunit is promoted separately.

4 Subunits of NCT

NCT U – This is the rotational subunit of NCT, meaning there are no fixed members. Therefore, the subunit can change with each song. The U in NCT U stands for United, which makes sense as NCT U is a combination of the three subunits.

NCT 127 – 127 stands for the longitude of Seoul. They will start from Seoul and expand around the world. The subunit consists of 10 members.

NCT Dream – This unit was supposed to comprise members under 20 years old, but SM decided to move away from this concept once members started to graduate.  The subunit consists of 7 members.

WayV – WayV stands for We Are Your Vision. They are the Chinese submit and consist of 7 members. Each member has Chinese descent. Songs are in Mandarin and promoted in China.

Coming soon… NCT Hollywood. NCT Hollywood will consist of American male members and will be the latest subunit of NCT. The members have not yet been cast.

Best Singers on NCT


The best singer on NCT is Taeil. He not only has the most agile voice, but his technique is flawless. His lower register but also a relaxed falsetto. He is the most balanced and well-rounded singer in the group. Regarding hitting the high notes, no one does it better on NCT than Taeil. It makes sense that Taeil would be the best singer because his background is in singing, as he was accepted to a prestigious art university, taking first place out of 50,000 applicants.


The most improved singer has to be Doyoung. He was a good singer when he joined NCT, but he is now a great singer. At the same time, his lower register could still use some improvement. His voice is effortless to listen to because it has a beautiful tone. With more progress in his range, he could become the best NCT singer.


The most consistent singer on NCT is Xiaojun. He always delivers, and his voice control is on point. His transitions into falsetto are unique. Best of all, he puts a lot of emotion into his vocals. His range does not match Taeil, and while Doyoung and Xiaojun are close, we had to give the edge to Doyoung for now.

Best Dancers on NCT


Ten is not just the best dancer on NCT, but he might be the best Kpop dancer of all time. He might have the best technique and flexibility. However, his versatility and desire to improve constantly make him one of the best. Having complete control over one’s body is key to being a great dancer, and Ten has mastered that.


Taeyong is a master at popping and locking, and his performances stand out. He has power and impact in his dance, but it does not match Ten when it comes to pure skill and technique. Still, Taeyong is the second-best dancer in NCT, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Korean street dance is in good hands with Taeyong.


Winwin was admitted to the historic Affiliated Secondary School of the Beijing Dance Academy. He was a star student and ranked first in the classical dance department. Winwin has been doing traditional Chinese dance for many years and has been able to transition into Kpop dancing effortlessly. He brings a different dance style to the table but is still impressive.

Best Visuals on NCT


Best Members of NCT

Any topic around who is the most handsome in NCT and Jaehyun’s name comes up. His looks are appealing to a lot of fans which is why he makes many lists around this subject.


Best Members of NCT

When you look at Taeyong, he can almost pass for a doll or an anime character. You can find videos on YouTube of reactions from people stunned by his visuals.  His jawline is strong; his eyes are big, and bushy solid eyebrows.



Lucus clearly won the genetic lottery. He is Half Chinese/Half Thai, which gives him a unique look that’s not seen too often in K-pop.

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