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Who is the Richest member of EXO? EXO was formed in 2011 and debuted in 2012 under SM Entertainment. The group was divided into two groups (EXO-K and EXO-M) but promoted the same music. One group performed in China, while the other performed in South Korea. Therefore EXO songs are available in both Mandarin and Korean. By 2016, EXO was the biggest Kpop group in the world and gained the nickname of the Kings of Kpop. Please support SEOULSPACE by checking out our ebook on the Top 100 Kpop Stars in 2023.


The group is estimated to be worth $1 billion and plays a massive role in SM Entertainment’s overall valuation. The question is, how much goes to SM Entertainment and how much goes to each member? Therefore, estimating the wealthiest member of EXO will not be easy. We will not consider their family’s wealth but rather the revenue each member has generated for themselves.


Suho made it clear on Radio Star that Baekyun was the richest EXO member. This is based on how much money Baekyun has earned from his solo album, which has sold over 1 million copies. But is he? We must remember that Baekyun is a part of SM’s supergroup SuperM which should get him additional pay. 

We know that he is the brand ambassador of Burberry Korea, Lifepharm, and the co-director of his fashion label, Privé Alliance. He is a monster on social media, with over 21.8 million followers on Instagram. 

Baekhyun Estimated Net Worth: $20 Million


The argument over which EXO member is the richest always comes down to Suho vs. Baekhyun. However, we have to give the edge here to Baekhyun mainly because he has his fashion label. Suho is very active in doing movies and musicals. He got the leading role in the MBC drama The Universe’s Star and has taken lead roles in several dramas and films. His EP debuted and sold over 280,000 copies in South Korea. 

Currently, Suho is focusing more on films. In 2019, he was in a short film called The Present, a story about a young Korean startup founder. One of his neighbors was also reported as Choi Siwon, one of the richest K-pop stars of all time. Suho is also the holder of a famous Hyundai Black Card. He is also very active on social media, with over 10.3 million Instagram followers. Suho is the representative for BVLGARI and the elite bag brand Bottega. 

Suho Estimated Net Worth: $18 Million +


Chanyeol is really into real estate. He invests most of his income into properties. For example, he owns a building worth over $2.5 million. He bought all the members new laptops so they could play online games together. Not many EXO fans know this, but Chanyeol also does many musical compositions for EXO. His songwriting credits are extensive. In addition, Chanyeol has been very active in Korean films, TV shows, and dramas. He was the newly elected ambassador of Prada Korea. He has by far the most followers out of all the members of EXO, with over 23.9 million followers on Instagram.

Chanyeol Estimated Net Worth: $17 Million+


Lay does it all. He is a company CEO, actor, music producer, and fashion icon. He was the first Chinese representative of Valentino. Lay is also the brand ambassador for Calvin Klein, Daniel Wellington, Converse, MAC, H&M, Tide, Pizza Hut, Tencent, Chaumet, and Biotherm Homme! In total, Lay is a brand ambassador for over 30 brands. However,

Lay had to terminate his endorsement contract with Samsung Electronics due to their stance on the “One China Policy.” Samsung has Hong Kong and Taiwan listed as separate countries on their website. His strong loyalty to China also makes him the best male Chinese Kpop star ever.

Lay has built a strong reputation for being a great philanthropist. From 2016-2017, he donated 25 ambulances during BAZAAR Stars Charity Nights. 

Lay Estimated Net Worth: $15 million


Why is Kai so low on the list? Well, he flat-out said on Radio Star that he was the member who made the least. Now was he being serious? Hard to tell. He released a solo mini-album called Peaches which should raise his value moving forward. He is also a part of the Kpop Supergroup, SuperM.

Kai is the main dancer on EXO and has done some acting roles. He became the first-ever Korean Kpop Star who became Gucci’s global ambassador. He must have been paid handsomely for doing so, but again…how much went to Kai, and how much went to SM Entertainment?

Kai is also involved in Korean dramas, as he had a role in the KBS drama Andante

Kai Estimated Net Worth: $13 Million


D.O. is going to have a fantastic career as an actor moving forward. He is by far the best actor on EXO with his roles in Pure Love (2016), My Annoying Brother (2016), Positive Physique (2016), Room No.7 (2017), 100 Days My Prince (2018), Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds, and Swing Kids (2018). He will get back into acting after serving in the Korean military. However, that does not mean he is done with singing. In 2021, D.O. released his first-ever solo album, Empathy, which got a lot of criticism from critics. 

D.O. Estimated Net Worth: $12 million


Sehun is the youngest of the group and already has a successful career in modeling. He is the representative of Berluti Korea Music and Cartier Korea for their modeling campaigns. He is also the brand ambassador for Zegna and the spokesman for Dr. Jart. In 2018, Sehun became the 2nd male Korean celebrity after G-Dragon to be on the cover of Vogue Korea. Sehun also has a massive social media following, with over 23.2 million followers on Instagram.

Sehun Estimated Net Worth: $11 million


Xiumin is active in the musical theatre scene. He has also starred in Korean web dramas like Falling for Challenge, where he released his first solo song, “You Are the One.” Before joining the Korean military, Xiumin was in a Korean film and collaborated with many other Kpop artists.   

Xiumin Estimated Net Worth: $10 million


Chen has found great success with his musical single titled Hello. He released the song before enlisting himself in the South Korean military. Chen is a singer-songwriter and has enormous potential in the Chinese market.

Chen Estimated Net Worth: $10 million

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  1. So quick question if SM market cap this quarter 2022 was 1.26 billion based on your article exo is worth one billion and all other artists and subsidiaries 260 million correct wow IN YOUR DREAMS lol

  2. Carlito in ur dreams too! This is not just his estimated, it’s all major media outlet and a very well known reliable sources. Ur disappointed that ur favorite isn’t the one? On 2018, when BTS started to shine their star, EXO has already $800million + net worth and BTS isn’t even in 50million yet, because there’s Big Bang, TVXQ, and BTS isn’t known then. EXO has many offers left and right. They’re an actors, they model and ambassadors on what they models. They have 2 sub units: EXO-CBS and EXO-SC. Most of EXO members are either businessmen, producers, compiser/writers, they’re also a successful soloists, lots of collaborations, not just vocal kings, but also OST kings, with shows, not to mention lots of endorsers, CFL or advertisement. Two of the member belong to a super group Super M. Mostly they’re sixtuple million album sellers. They have 30-35 Asian concerts every year for their EXO Planet #1-5, the reason they held #1 fastest selling concert tickets in the world for 0,2 second, which BTS isn’t even in the list, lol. Fans screaming and streaming for views doesnt have them $billion net worth….too much promotions doesn’t make them as they claim the “worldwide popular group,” BTS and their producers feeding fans with many promotions. Remember, facts and truth cannot be deny, the,Net Worth can prove if they truly the biggest band or group, even just in Korea!

    1. BTS net worth 4B$ according to Forbes why you compare them to exo?
      And where is the source of the article?
      And at the end they said highest member of exo has 20$ million

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