Best Hangover Drinks in Korea

Best Hangover Drinks in Korea to Have Before or After a Night Out

Many might not know this, but South Korea is the #1 consumer of alcohol in all of Asia. The Korean drinking culture is intense! They work hard, and they play hard, sometimes too hard. But thankfully, Korea has some of the best hangover drinks and has perfected the formula to get you through the night and have you feeling great in the morning. The best hangover drinks in Korea can be easily purchased at the local convenience store. Many Koreans use these drinks before or after a night out to help them metabolize the alcohol (mostly soju). Getting over a hangover quickly is very important in Korea because most have to work the following day. 

Hangover drinks started being produced in the early 90s. It soon gained popularity and is now a $200 million market. These drinks include ingredients such as Korean pear juice, red ginseng, and raisin extract, to name a few. These hangover drinks are not necessarily for hangover recovery. They are marketed for every stage of a typical night out. Some can be taken before going out or before you go to bed. It is estimated that 75% of Koreans today rely on these drinks for recovery. Finding a drink that works for you is crucial as everyone seems to have different experiences and effects.

Condition (컨디션)

Hangover Drinks in KoreaThis might be the most popular hangover drink in Korea. If you look carefully, you will find a few roots floating inside. It was one of the first hangover drinks made in Korea. The formula uses traditional Chinese medicine and seeds from a raisin tree. It also has lotus seeds and milk vetch roots. The bottle cost 4,500 won ($3.50), which was not cheap. However, taking three per night out is recommended to get the best benefit. One before drinking, one while you are drinking, and one before you go to bed. That means you will need to spend 13,500 won! In addition, Condition now has Condition Lady (pink bottle), specially formulated to help women recover from hangovers. 

Price: 4,500 won 

Bae Juice (Korean Pear Juice)

Bae Juice

Bae Juice is 100% Korean pear juice. It is sourced, squeezed, and packaged in Naju, South Korea. Naju is known for its high-quality Asian peers. It is by far the best-tasting hangover drink on this list. It doesn’t get better than Korean pear juice for those looking for a natural remedy. Bae Juice has been proven to help with nasty hangover symptoms due to enzymes inside the pear that help speed up the metabolism of alcohol and reduce blood acetaldehyde levels.

Tests were done at Omic Australia, a food testing laboratory specializing in food chemistry and microbiology. For the best results, drinking Bae Juice before consuming alcohol is recommended. Bae Juice has become very popular in Australia and should arrive soon in South Korea by the end of the year. Bae Juice can also be added to your favorite soju cocktail to help lessen hangovers the next day.

Price: 3,000 won

808 DAWN

808 Dawn

The most expensive hangover drink in Korea is the 808 Dawn, which sold for 5,500 won. It is advertised as 100% natural, using herbs and traditional Korean ingredients. Some feel the drink does nothing, and those feel it is the best hangover drink in Korea. The taste is awful and tastes like old bitter traditional Korean medicine.
The name 808 Dawn comes from the inventor making 807 unsuccessful formulas before finally coming up with the right one with 808 Dawn. It is recommended to drink 808 Dawn before drinking. 808 Dawn does not work well if taken during or after drinking. It was the winner of the Great Grand Prix Award…whatever that may be. They also have an upgraded black version; this will cost you a whopping 10,000 won!
Price: 5,500 won

Oriental Raisin Tea (헛개수)

HutgaesooHaving a full recovery is all about hydration. This is why many Koreans drink Oriental Raisin Tea, which has existed for a very long time in Korea. This drink can be drunk generally by those that like the taste of raisin tea. It is made 100% from Korean Oriental raisin tree fruits and helps mainly with dehydration. In addition, it is known to decompose alcohol. This is why this drink is trendy in the hot summer months in Korea. It also has zero calories, sodium, and sugar.

This tea might not be for you for those who don’t like the earthy taste. However, we recommend taking it overnight if you want the taste. It is very cheap and can be found in any convenience store in Korea. Again unlike the other drink, this hangover drink focuses on hydrating the body so you can have it with you and drink it throughout the night.

Price: 1,500 won

Morning Care

Hangover Drinks in Korea

  • Goodbye Alcohol

While you can take it the morning after, you can also take this before going to bed.

Price: 4,000 won

The Korean Drinking Culture

Going out for a drink can take place multiple times a week. It is considered a vital part of office bonding and being a part of the corporate culture. Many don’t have a choice in the matter. If your boss wants to drink, you will be drinking that night. Drinking is not only a part of Korean working culture. This is because Koreans feel that drinking is the best way to get to know each other better. Koreans tend to be naturally shy, and drinks, especially soju, open them up.

Finding a place to drink in Korea is super easy. There are many hofs, bars, and convenience stores open all night. A bottle of soju at one of these convenience stores is only 1,500 won (around $1). With alcohol readily available, Koreans have grown up drinking from college to work life. In addition, drinking helps reduce stress. Korean work life can be challenging and stressful. Therefore, it is common for coworkers to go out drinking after a long day’s work.

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