Korean makeup trends and styles have taken the world by storm in the past few years, and they won’t slow down anytime soon. Many of these makeup tutorial videos generate millions of views on YouTube because they have a high chance of being played repeatedly. There are rumors of virtual influencers in Korea getting into the beauty space. However, until that happens, you can still get great tips from human beauty influencers for all your Korean beauty needs.

Kbeauty YouTubers have taken the internet by storm, garnering millions of followers with their creative makeup looks and tutorials. While Korean makeup has been around for centuries, it wasn’t until Kbeauty YouTubers like the ones mentioned below began sharing their talents with the world that it gained popularity. These influencers have not only helped to popularize Korean makeup, but they’ve also inspired many people to experiment with new looks and styles. Thanks to Kbeauty YouTubers, Korean makeup is now more accessible than ever. Whether looking for a simple everyday look or a dramatic smokey eye, a Kbeauty YouTuber can show you how to achieve it.

If you want to be updated on the latest Korean beauty trends and makeup tips, follow these top Korean makeup influencers on Youtube!

Pony | PONY Makeup

One of the most popular Korean makeup influencers, Pony (Pony Park), has opened various shops in Seoul and done makeup for top celebrities like CL of 2NE1. Her makeup brand is called Pony Effect. She is one of the most popular Korean YouTubers around. Pony started doing makeup tutorials back when Cyworld was a thing. A publisher later approached her to write a series of books on beauty makeup tips which was released all across Asia. However, she broke out globally once she started her YouTube channel and made a video by turning herself into famous western celebrities like Taylor Swift and Scarlett Johansson.

Subscribers: 5.95 million


Ssin is popular for doing makeup transformations, turning herself and others into famous Korean idols. She has done collaborations with Korean beauty brands as well as Korean idols. She has been creating beauty and skincare videos on Youtube for over eight years. Ssin brings a lot of humor and always shows her fun side. Her videos are mainly in Korean with English subtitles. However, she has started to do more English-speaking videos recently. 

Subscribers: 1.47 million


Daddoa (Da Sol Lee) does many different everyday looks, beauty reviews, and daily vlogs. You learn a lot about her through her vlogs as she opens up about her struggle with mental health issues and depression. Her videos are tagged with [ENG] for ones with English subtitles. Check out her videos on how to remove K-beauty makeup the right way. 

Subscribers: 1.16 million

Sunny | Sunny’s Channel

Sunny is a Korean American YouTuber that produces tutorials and the latest on Korean beauty trends. Her videos include transformations, everyday makeup tutorials, plastic surgery, and vlogs. Her videos are in English with Korean subtitles.

Subscribers: 1.08 million

Sunny | Sunnydahye

Not to be confused with “Sunny’s Channel,” Sunny Dahye focuses her videos on K-beauty makeup tutorials and plastic surgery tips and advice. Her most famous videos are of her plastic surgery processes. Sunny is a Korean YouTuber who was raised in Bali, Indonesia. Therefore she not only speaks English and Korean but also Indonesian. She is also the co-founder of House of HUR, which brings K-Beauty, fashion, and lifestyle to Indonesia.

Subscribers: 713,000

Kyung Sun | Kyungsunxoxo

Kyung-sun does many everyday-style makeup videos using Korean products and provides Korean makeup tips. Her channel consists of hauls, tutorials, tips, and vlogs. She is popular among new Korean moms as she is also a new mom. What separates her is how many details she goes into for each product and how to use them. Her videos are also in Korean, with videos tagged with (Eng) that provide English subtitles.

Subscribers: 323,000

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