Korean Subscription Boxes

Korea is known for its unique culture, tasty snacks, k-beauty products, k-pop, and more. However, traveling to South Korea can be expensive. So why not have the best things about Korea come to you? Korean subscription boxes are the perfect gift for your family and friends interested in Korean culture because they can be the gift that keeps on giving for months and months. Monthly Korean subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular to find the latest products and trends in Korea.

We at SEOULSPACE feel that all the Korean subscription boxes listed below are worth the purchase, but it all depends on which one is right for you. They are a nice monthly surprise at your doorstep and are a great way to try new things. In addition, the majority of these Korean subscription boxes will offer products at a considerable discount which in the long run will end up saving you money. Here are the top 10 Korean Subscription Boxes for 2022.

Inspire Me Korea 

Korean Subscription Boxes

Our choice for the best Korean subscription box is from Inspire Me Korea. It was started by two sisters who curate each box themselves. Through their site, you can select from a wide range of Korean subscription boxes that focus on the many beautiful aspects of Korea. They have boxes for Korean food, snacks, skincare, K-pop merchandise, beauty, souvenirs, recipes, history, and boxes to help you learn Korean. Inspire Me Korea is known for supporting independent artists, designers, musicians, and small startups and businesses in Korea. They can ship these boxes anywhere in the world. Furthermore, their box packaging is made from a sustainable source and is 100% recyclable. Our top recommendations include the K-Culture Box, K-Language Box, and the limited edition K-pop box. 

Boxes range from $20-60 a month. 



BomiBox offers the best K-beauty subscription boxes out there. Each month you will get eight full-size and deluxe sample-size Korean skincare, beauty, makeup, and body products. They also offer K-beauty skincare tips for those trying K-beauty for the first time. An info card inside each box offers a detailed description of each product and how to use them. Therefore, even if the product’s information is written in Korean, you will have an info card explaining everything in English. Bomibox offers free shipping to the United States as well as international shipping. Boxes are shipped out at the end of the month and are delivered in 1-2 weeks, depending on your location. All their products are imported to their offices in the United States directly from manufacturers in South Korea. 

Boxes are $39 a month 


Korean Subscription Boxes

For those that love Korean beauty sheet masks, Facetory is the Korean subscription box for you. There are a wide variety of K-beauty face masks which is why it is great to have Facetory source the latest sheet masks for you. You can try various sheet masks until you find the one that is right for you. They offer different subscription packages that range from $9-20 a month. They also offer the Lux Plus, a quarterly subscription box with 5-6 Korean skincare products and 5-6 sheet masks. 

Boxes range from $9-20 a month

Seoul Box

Seoul Box

Those interested in Korean culture as a whole will love Seoul Box. It has the widest variety of Korean snacks combined with Kpop Merch. The best part of the box is their 12-page exclusive tasting guide! Their package starts at $37 a month, offering 10-12 Korean snacks and 2-3 Kpop merchandise. A larger package consists of 15-18 Korean snacks and 5 Kpop merchandise for $44 a month. 

Boxes range from $37-44 a month

Daebak Box (Snack Fever)

Daebak Box

Snack Fever started back in 2015 in Los Angeles. Therefore, they have been sharing Korean snacks and culture with the world for over five years. Snack Fever is run by The Daebak Company and is now based in Seoul. The best part of Snack Fever is their magazine called Daebak Daily, which will help you keep up to date on the latest Korean culture trends. 

Seoulade – BTS Box 

BTS merchandise

If you are not a fan of BTS, you will not like the BTS subscription box offered by Seoulade. However, if you are a BTS fan, you will absolutely love this subscription box. They also offer boxes containing an assortment of K-pop merchandise. However, they are known for their BTS box. They have sent over 5,000 BTS boxes to more than 50 countries worldwide. The box includes 5-7 unique BTS merchandise, such as hoodies, socks, chains, pillows, and more.

Kiyomi Beauty

Korean Beauty

Kiyomi Beauty offers a compilation of Korean skincare products sourced by its founder, who learned about them through meetings with beauty industry professionals during her time in Seoul. They offer a quarterly subscription package that delivers 5-7 full-size Korean beauty products, including skincare, haircare, makeup, and more. For those interested in only sheet masks, Kiyomi offers a sheet mask-only package as well. Each box comes with informational cards in English that offer details on how-to-use instructions. 

The KBeauty Box

K Beauty Box

Another K-beauty-focused subscription box comes from The KBeauty Box. It is a monthly subscription to curated K-beauty products. However, they specialize in each box based on your needs, from moisturizing, anti-aging, skincare only, etc. In addition, they are one of the only Korean beauty subscription boxes that offer boxes for men!

Korea Box 

Korea Box

Korea Box has a bit of everything, but they specialize mainly in Kpop. However, they do offer subscription boxes for Korean snacks and K-beauty. When you make your profile on Korea Box, they will ask for your favorite Kpop group/bias. Then they will create the best possible Kpop box based on your answers. The only issue is that the packaging itself is not the best design. However, it is what is on the inside that counts, right? Moreover, they will ship the box internationally for free. 

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