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Since BTS’s debut in 2013, they have grown in popularity and are constantly creating music fans worldwide. Their music, performance, social media, and fans have developed a loyal following. BTS has broken more records than we can count and continues to break even today. There is also a lot of high-quality BTS merchandise, from clothing to accessories.

Therefore it was tough to narrow it down to the top 10. Those interested in purchasing any BTS merchandise should check out the list below. We are excluding BTS NFTs as we have a separate article for that.

Jimin’s Purple Hoodie and Hoop Earrings

Jimin Purple Hoodie

Jimin’s purple hoodie and hoop earrings sold out fast in 2022. The purple hoodie was priced at $83, and the hoop earrings were priced at $62. Both were sold out in less than a minute on the Weverse Shop. The purple hoodie and hoop earrings were personally designed by Jimin, making them in such hot demand. HYBE announced they would rerelease both at some point in 2022. The purple hoodie has the number 13, representing Jimin’s birthday (10/13). It also means BTS’s debut, which was June 13, 2013.

V’s Boston Bag

Virkin Boston Bag

V’s “Virkin” Bag is a leather Boston bag he designed. Similar to Jimin, it sold out in less than a minute. It was priced at $153. However, it was reselling on eBay for $13,000 before it was taken down. HYBE did not state how many bags were sold or if they would be sold again in 2022.

Custom-Made Brooches by V


V released his design merchandise in 2022. These were custom-made brooches that sold out immediately. All the designs were designed by V by hand. It is comprised of his favorite characters and favorite colors. There are currently three types of brooches. There are flower buddies for those that love color, and then there are faces and cloud drops. HYBE also has not stated if and when these brooches by V will be sold again, but expect something soon.

BTS GMY42 Idol Doll Giftset 

BTS Merchandise

This BTS gift set comes with all seven members dressed in their styles. The dolls are 11 inches, and their fashion was inspired by one of their first hit music videos, “Idol.” What makes these dolls interesting is the details that go into them. Each member’s hairstyle is different, and each can be posed the way you want. This means their heads, arms, and legs can move. Those looking for collectibles should not take them out of their box. It could be a great collector’s item someday.


BTS Merch

The top BTS merch for 2021 was the new edition of its hit album “BE.” BTS initially released the “Deluxe Version” of “BE” first. The later edition was a way for BTS to thank their fans for the historic milestones the group has achieved, such as topping the Billboard Hot 100 and getting nominated for the upcoming Grammy Awards. The Essential Edition will carry the eight tracks on the original edition — such as Life Goes On, Blue & Grey, Stay, and pre-released hit Dynamite.

“BE,” which carries tracks that reflect the band’s thoughts on the ongoing pandemic, is an album in which the members played active behind-the-scene roles during production. For example, Jimin took part as the music project manager, while V supervised the overall visuals of the album. In addition, Jungkook directed the teasers and music videos for the lead track. When you buy the album, it is highly recommended you do not open it but rather keep it as a collectible.

BTS Army Bomb Pouch School Bag

BTS Merchandise Backpack

Next on our list of the best BTS merchandise for 202w is the BTS Army Bomb Pouch School Bag. It is for both men and women, and best of all, it comes with your favorite member’s name on it.  It has multiple key chains, so you can add on additional merch when going to your next Kpop concert. You can fit everything in this bag, so it is a must-have for any BTS fan. It is big enough to fit your phone, camera, lightstick, food, drinks, and more. In addition, it is the perfect gift for those looking for a superb back-to-school gift.


BTS Lightstick discount

Every BTS fan must have a BTS Lightstick to accompany their Kpop outfits. Many Army BOMBS are sold out, so it is hard to get one. However, if you can find an official BTS Lightstick, you can hook it up to the app. In addition, it will come with additional materials, such as photo cards. Many think you have to use them, but honestly, they are great just having it on a stand for display. These lightsticks are constantly being updated, so many BTS fans eagerly wait for the next update. In addition, if you ever go to a BTS concert, it is pretty impressive when tens of thousands of ARMY fans turn on their lightsticks at night.

BTS Bangtan Boys DIY Luxury Phone Case For Huawei

Best Phone Case BTS

We are not huge fans of phone cases in general, but to be honest, many of the BTS phone cases are pretty cool. Their latest in 2022 for Huawei is by far their best to date. It showcases all the members and fits perfectly on the latest Huawei smartphones.


BTS Night Stand

This color-changing KPOP BTS LED nightlight stand is the perfect gift for those who want to have BTS near them before they go to sleep. It is a lot brighter than you would think. The only issue is that it can easily get damaged or scratched, so just put it near your bed, plug it in, and don’t touch it! When lit up in the dark, it looks fantastic.


BTS Shirt

If you buy a BTS T-shirt, we recommend buying one of the many funny anime-style BTS T-shirts. You can see the whole collection at Kpopshop.com.

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