Korean Traditional Crafts

Traditional Korean crafts have survived through generations and have been popular souvenir items for travelers to South Korea. Korea has a long history of specializing in specific crafts. There are various traditional Korean crafts from many different regions in Korea. Some of them value more than the price since they are handmade by professional craftsmen. Therefore, some items might be sold out for the time being.

In recent years, interest in traditional Korean crafts has resurged. This is due in part to the work of artisans who are keeping these techniques alive and a growing appreciation for the beauty and utility of these items. Traditional Korean crafts include various items, from pottery and textiles to metalwork and woodworking.

In a world that is increasingly dominated by mass-produced goods, there is a growing appreciation for the uniqueness and quality of handmade items. Traditional Korean crafts offer a way to connect with the past and create something beautiful and lasting.

This article will showcase some of the most beautiful traditional Korean crafts you can buy online. They make amazing gifts as well as beautiful art pieces. Therefore, Those that appreciate Korean culture and tradition will hopefully appreciate the splendor of these traditional Korean crafts through this article.

Zainer – Knife Fish

Traditional Korean Crafts

Zainer is a brand that combines technology and culture to create modern designs in Korean blacksmithing. This newly created knife by Zainer is in the shape of a fish through a collaboration between a blacksmith and a disciple of a blacksmith in Pocheon City with 40 years of tradition. These knives are typically sold out due to high demand, so it is highly recommended you check out their site often to see when they are available.

Price: 400,000 won ($350)

Mimyohan – Custom-Made Wedding Portrait

Handmade Crafts

This traditional Korean craft by Mimyohan is made entirely of paper. It is customized for each couple and is a great personalized wedding gift. The arched picture frame is 10x15cm (3.6cm thick). The process is very simple. All you have to do is send your wedding photo to mimyohan_@naver.com and pick your colors. In addition, the background is transparent, and only the two figures are expressed on paper. It is a great gift for any couple or a loved one.

Price: 38,000 won ($33)

Re;You – Traditional Knot Phone Case Strap

Korean Traditional Craft Knot

Re;You have created a strap for your phone case that is both beautiful and practical. The knot difficulty is rated upper-intermediate and takes some time to make. The cute shape and firmness make it a perfect fit for any smartphone. However, only the knotted strap can be purchased separately (20,000 won). It comes with a transparent jelly phone case, and the metal attachment can be either silver or gold. Moreover, the strap comes in 7 colors: blue, pink, green, red, coral pink, mint, and purple.

Price: 23,000 won ($20)

N15 Partners created these traditional Korean crafts, and they host a live commerce exhibition where many more traditional Korean crafts are showcased. N15 Partners hosts these commerce exhibitions where startups can sell their traditional Korean cultural products to a live audience.

For further inquiries about the program and N15 Partners, contact  jeongeun.goh@n15partners.asia

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