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A major reason for the success of Kpop globally is that it is very addictive and fun. You can’t take your eyes off it. While the visuals and songs are huge components, the one key difference that separates Kpop from other music is their dance choreography. The best female dancers in Kpop have taken Kpop dancing to a new level. They have also inspired the next generation of women to push the limits of Kpop dance by incorporating their styles and creativity. 

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Dancing in Kpop is one of the essential attributes of any Kpop group. If one member is a bad singer, it can easily be made up for. However, if one member is a lousy dancer and is out of sync, the whole choreography will be hurt. Therefore, in Kpop, dancing skills are ranked higher than vocal skills. It is also why Kpop entertainment companies go after Korean street dance specialists. In addition, Fans will be more critical of a member if they can’t dance than if they can’t sing.

Therefore, here is the list of the top female dancers in Kpop. We have also done an article on the best male dancers in Kpop, so check it out. Not interested in dance? We also have a list of the best female Kpop rappers


Lisa is the best female Kpop dancer of all time. She was a member of a dance crew in Thailand called We Zaa Cool and won many Junior dance championships. After joining BLACKPINK she quickly started to get recognized for her dancing abilities. What makes Lisa so great is that she needs to watch a dance choreography once before performing it herself. It is like a musician hearing a piece of music once and then being able to play it live.

She can do any dance style because she controls her body perfectly. This is impressive in that she is one of the taller Kpop stars. There is why some of the tallest female Kpop stars are typically rappers.

Lisa’s flexibility and the “swag” she puts into every performance give her a considerable edge. In addition, she has control, fluidity, a sense of rhythm/style, and a fabulous stage presence. Lisa is also a stringent judge and showed her mentoring ability on the Chinese survival talent show Youth With You.

There is a reason why she is the most-followed female Kpop star on Instagram. Her latest solo album, LALISA, shows that she is still the dancing queen of Kpop. 


Hyuna is the queen of performance. However many might not know this, but when Hyuna was seven years old, she wanted to become an actress in Korea. However, she failed many auditions before deciding to get into dance in High School. The rest is history; she passed her JYP audition on her first try. She has since had a successful Kpop career for the longest time and has so much experience that it is impossible not to have her on this list. What Hyuna can express through her dance is her charisma and stage presence.

While many might feel she is too high on the list, she has inspired so many up-and-coming female dancers that it will be a while before she drops in our rankings. She dominates the stage and owns the stage. Her movements are not complicated, yet she can bring a lot of swag through simple movements. Those in Kpop dance should start by watching as many Hyuna performances online as possible. 

Momo – Twice

An argument can be made that Momo is the best overall female Kpop dancer right now. She is known as Twice’s “Dancing Machine”. She is known for practicing for hours on end to perfect her craft. In addition, during her free time, she learns other choreographies from other Kpop groups. Top Kpop choreographer Lia Kim said Momo was like a dancer that was sent down from the gods because of her ability to learn choreography very quickly. While she has a long body, she dances to hip-hop, which is not easy.

Momo can do almost any dance, but what makes her special is that she puts her personality into it. While many on this list are good at performing, Momo is good at taking songs and making them hers. This has made her one of the best dance choreographers in Kpop. She is constantly moving, making her transitions look flawless because her dance seems so smooth and perfect that some might see her not having enough energy.


Many might argue that Hyolyn is the best female dancer in Kpop. However, one thing is clear, Hyolyn is the sexiest dancer in Kpop. She has a very sexy fashion style and can rock dance choreography in any outfit. Watch her perform in high heels or with baggy clothes. It doesn’t matter since her body control can’t be matched. Why is she so good? She has worked with many YouTube dance choreographers to keep improving herself and has taken a lot of influence from western music, not just Kpop.

It is incredible to see how far she has come, as when she was a child, she was very sickly but still loved singing and dancing. She learned how to dance independently, tried out for auditions, and placed first in a JYP audition. She soon left for Starship Entertainment, and the rest is history. Don’t be shocked to see Hyolyn someday be recognized as the most excellent Kpop Dancer. 


Chungha is the dancer to study when you want to improve your fluidity. Female dancers in Kpop all give respect Chungha’s ability. She started dancing in the 8th grade, and by high school, she audited for JYP Entertainment. She quickly earned a spot as a trainee at JYP. However, her breakout came from the Korean reality show Produce 101, where people saw just how great of a dancer she was. She is excellent at constantly transitioning between movements.

It is one thing to have great style, but incorporating a relaxed style into a smooth dance choreography is hard. Chungha makes it look easy. Her freestyle abilities are impressive, making her one of the best live performers. 

Seungyeon – CLC

Seungyeon is the leading dancer for CLC and is the most underrated dancer on this list. Many see her as one of the best dancers in the 3rd generation, but she also belongs on the all-time list. She is a natural dancer that can adapt to almost any concept. She also has that perfect blend of cute and sexy styles, which is not easy. Follow her on Cube Entertainment’s YouTube channel as she uploads monthly dance videos, which will go a long way in helping you become the next Kpop Idol

Minzy – 2NE1

A list of the best female dancers in Kpop has to have Minzy. YG scouted Minzy after watching a video of her at a dancing contest. He contacted Minzy right away and asked her to join his entertainment company. She was only in the 5th grade! She eventually joined YG Entertainment in 6th grade, and by that time, she had already won several dance awards while attending a famous dance school.

When watching Minzy dance, make sure you look at her facial expressions. You can tell she enjoys what she is doing. This places a huge part in bringing in the audience. While her dancing skills are not elite, she is just a great performer and brings that cute/fun vibe that makes it fun to watch her. She is also known for having a great Kpop diet which helps her stay healthy and fit for hours of dance training.

Chaeyeon – IZ*ONE

Chaeyeon started to get a lot of attention for her dancing when she was on K-pop Star Season 3. She was praised for her dancing by JYP, YG, and Yoo Hee Yeol, which was the main reason she could move on to the next round. JYP eventually ended up signing Chaeyeon as a trainee. Then came Produce 48 and the creation of IZ*ONE.

Her journey shows what hard work and dedication can take you. Chaeyeon has been able to bring her Hip Hop style of dancing into Kpop. As far as energy goes, it doesn’t get much more robust than Chaeyeon. Her popping ability is what separates her from the rest. This makes her performances some of the more creative and exciting choreographies in Kpop. 

Hyoyeon – SNSD

Hyoyeon is one of the best for those who want to focus on technique. She learned how to dance by attending a small neighborhood dance class that taught all forms of dance, including jazz, Latin, and hip-hop. She later attended the Winners Dance School, a famous dance school in South Korea that taught popping, locking, and other Hip-Hop dance styles.

Hyoyeon audited for SM Entertainment at the age of 11, passed her audition based on her vigorous dancing, and became a trainee. She trained for an additional six years before her debut. As far as accuracy, Hyoyeon hits all her marks. Stopping and popping take a lot of practice, and you can tell Hyoyeon has worked on her control for endless hours. 

Seulgi – Red Velvet

Seulgi brings a lot of passion to her dancing. What makes Seulgi one of the best female dancers in Kpop is that she can balance both the cute style of dance and the more serious/sexy style. Since she specializes in various styles, she is the most versatile dancer on this list. Many say she could be a professional dancer if she wanted to. She is not as flexible as the others on this list, but her fluidity makes up for it. 

Where is BoA? 

BoA missed our list of the most incredible Kpop female dancers because we could not put her over Seulgi, who we have at #10. BoA is the original dance queen of Kpop, but the level of dance in Kpop has evolved so much since she was at the top. She first got started over 20 years ago. Even in her prime, she was not at the level of the top 10 on this list. However, she is an icon and should be remembered for paving the way for many Kpop dancers.

  1. Cool article. Small correction though Lisa has been dancing since she was 3 or 4. She was also a member of a dance crew in Thailand along with BamBam called We Zaa Cool. She was winning in Junior dance championships as well.

  2. And Kiel Tutin said “Lisa was not a good dancer later, she was a great dancer from the moment she was born”

  3. Cool list, but I think in that kind of lists popularity blurs judgement, you HAVE to be famous before you are even eligible.

  4. where is BoA?! not only is she the most influential female kpop dancer ever. but also the queen of kpop cmon

  5. The order tho for the best dancers with all genders Momo is the first for the girls and Lisa is second so I’m confused about this one

  6. Lisa is definitely the best dancer of kpop . Here are the proof.
    In the latest lily film she did a whole dance splint like a piece of cake
    Every single move she does matches with song she is dancing to
    Every move of her is very planed and smooth. Which shows she had practiced it multiple times
    Upper body.
    Should I even have to say . If you watch her lily film you will know she have an amazing apper body control.
    Again her torso is stiff but flexible. Which makes her hip moments look powerful and smooth
    Lover body .
    I am not gonna talk about watch Lisa lily film with the song tomboy
    Her newest dance video . You will understand her lower body control is ridiculously good
    Every single move is planed and smooth.
    She is 24 but have 20+ years of experience. That shows she lived her life dancing.
    And at last stage presence and charisma .
    I don’t have to explain. Lisa and Jennie and the stage presence queens of kpop. Lisa is the second sexiest kpop idol after Jennie.
    This shows her power and don’t tell me I am biased caused this the truth. My bais is rose not Lisa so this is not a biased opinion. Still I love her. I completely agree with this list but you could have made this list a little longer so boa could be here cause even though I agree it is a crime to see a kpop dance list without boa even though Lisa is the best boa is still the dance queen of kpop

    1. so i’m guessing you haven’t seen BoA dance, or Minzy and so on? Lisa is good dancer but cannot out dance BoA, ofc people will say she is because of her popularity. But when it comes to dancing BoA is the best female dancer.

      1. I’m sorry but you are totally wrong. There are so many Kpop idols that our dance BOA, it isn’t even funny. Lisa can outdance BOA in any aespect

  7. #1 Momo. “Momo can do different genres in dancing.” She do not stick to one, two, or three genres, she explores them all. That’s why she is known as “Dancing Machine”.

  8. Her prime? Look at BoA’s whole body of work before you make statements like “she was not at the level of the top 10 on this list.” Even when she was on Weekly Idol at the age of 32 she was able to cover new generation choreography on the fly. At the age of 35 BoA is still able to dance with the best of them as you can see that with GOT “Step Back.”

    I’m sure if BoA worked with Lee Jung, Lia Kim, or any of the other choreographers the people on your list have worked with the present day…BoA will do just as well even at age 36. Not even being at the level of Hyuna and Chaeyeon… a little silly to read.

    1. Yes BOA is great but this new generation show that BOA dance skills are just a starter kit. People like Lisa, MOMO and Ryujin can simply outdance her

  9. Is Kahi of After School’s dance skills and stage presence not good enough to make the best of all time list?

  10. I honestly expect to see Choi Yoojung on this list, I personally thought she dances better than Chaeyeon.

  11. Excuse me, but on what basis do you say that Lisa is the best dancer, is there an expert behind this note?Or is it just based on her being more famous than some of the girls on this list?

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