Tallest Kpop Idols

When it comes to Kpop, there are certain traits that fans have come to expect from their favorite idols: impressive vocal abilities, expert dance skills, and of course, stunning visuals. But there’s another characteristic that some Kpop stars possess that sets them apart from the rest: height. Many of the tallest Kpop female stars are from groups that have since disbanded, as it is not typical for most Kpop entertainment companies to recruit tall trainees. It is known that these companies want their stars under a certain height which tends to be under 170cm. This is because dance movements for those above 170cm tend to look awkward and unbalanced compared to their fellow members.

While being tall is not considered a plus in Kpop, it can help an idol stand out on stage and make a statement with their presence. They will stand out during interviews and performances, which can be good for them but not technically good for the overall visual. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the tallest female Kpop stars of all time and what makes them so unique. Below are the tallest female kpop stars of all time. Check out our article on the tallest male kpop stars of all time.

1. Hong Jin-kyung (Unnies) – 180 cm

Tallest female Kpop Star

While technically Hong Jin-kyung is not a Kpop idol she was a part of a special K-pop girl group called Unnies. It was in 2016 as a part of the show Sister’s Slam Dunk. However, she is more known as both a comedian and actress. You can see her on Netflix as a host for the dating series Single’s Inferno.

2. Lina (O21) – 178.5 cm

Tallest female Kpop Stars

Lina was a part of O21, which was famous in 2016 but disbanded in 2017. She was born in Osaka, Japan, and is currently focusing on her modeling career.

3. Myung Sa Rang – Baby V.O.X Re.V – 178 cm

Myung Sarang

Myung Sa Rang made her debut back in 2007. She was the main rapper in the group.

4. Joanne – Z-Girls – 177.5 cm

Joanne is from the former Kpop group Z-Girls. She is a Taiwanese singer and made headlines when she had to leave the group due to health reasons back in 2020.

5. Youra – 177 cm

Tallest female Kpop Stars

Youra is one of the few solo artists on this list. She made her debut back in 2018 with her single “My”.

6. Liyah (MIXX) – 176.5 cm

Liyah was a former member of the girl group MIXX. She was the youngest member of the group. She is Chinese and is still active today.

7. Lee Young-ji – 176.5 cm

Tallest female Kpop Idols

Lee Young-ji won High School Rapper 3 and Show Me the Money 11.

8. Lee Subin – 176 cm

Lee Subin

Lee Subin was a Kpop trainee for many years before breaking out as a contestant on a survival show called My Teenage Girl.

9. Bae Yujin – 176 cm

Bae Yujin

While Bae Yujin is more known now for being a model and TV personality, she was originally known for being a contestant on CAP-TEEN. She is half Korean and half Nigerian.

10. Weiyang (O21) – 175.5 cm

Tallest female Kpop Stars

Weiyang is one of the Chinese members of O21, which was formed under FNC China. She moved on to modeling after O21 disbanded.

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