The BTS fandom “ARMY” has grown in size and fame throughout the group’s rise to stardom. Whenever BTS is mentioned in the media, the ARMYs will be discussed just with the same relevance. This is no surprise since the BTS members have their hard work and loyal fans to thank for their ultimate success. After gaining massive international popularity, the number of ARMYs worldwide has grown more and more after every BTS comeback. Chances are you know or are a BTS fan yourself. Then you might wonder, “What should I buy for a BTS fan as a gift?”. Here is a guide to help you find the best BTS merchandise and the ultimate gifts for BTS fans. Perfect time for the Christmas season! 


First, the easiest way to the heart of any ARMY is to show interest in their beloved idols and music. So even if you’re ultimately not buying anything, they will feel more than joyful if you ask them about their favorite songs or what theories they have about the latest music videos. It doesn’t hurt to inform yourself a bit beforehand, though.

So here are the basics you should know:

  • BTS is a South Korean boy band
  • The group comprises seven members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.
  • Their fanbase is called ARMY
  • BTS is THE most popular and successful Korean act at the moment
  • Their fans love them very much, so therefore all BTS members should be spoken of with respect.

Once you have these basics down, even without a big budget, you can offer a BTS fan the greatest gift: interest in their beloved idols.

But let’s say your budget offers a little more; then we have a list of great ideas on gifts for BTS fans that will help you choose the perfect gift for a BTS ARMY.

A guide on the best gifts for BTS fans

It would be of great help if you already talked to your BTS fan-friend/ fellow ARMY about their preferred things on all things BTS. That way, you will have a general idea of which of the following BTS fan gifts would best suit them. If you need more help finding out what to get for a BTS fan, here is a tip, if they have a Twitter account, they most probably have posted about their favorite things about BTS on there.

You should also know where to buy the gifts. BTS’s agency HYBE launched an application in 2019 called Weverse Shop, where you can get practically all official products related to BTS on one platform. If you have no access to the app and live in or are visiting South Korea, there are pop-up stores around Seoul where you can purchase various BTS products. If neither option is accessible, you can rely on alternative retailer websites such as Kpopmart, Ktown4u, Cokodive, and Amazon. 

Albums – The go-to gifts for BTS fans 

A gift that will make any, really any, ARMY happy is a BTS album. Suppose you buy an ARMY BTS album from an official retailer. In that case, you are doing two things that every fan is passionate about 1) allowing them to listen to their favorite music and 2) helping BTS’s music go up in the music charts.

It is that easy to make a BTS fan happy.

You should, of course, choose an album that best suits the person. If in doubt, always go with the latest album. In this case, BTS’s 2020 studio album “BE”:

Other great choices would be the compilation albums such as The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever and LY: Answer or other studio albums such as Wings, YNWA, LY: Tear, and MOTS 7.

Deluxe and Limited Editions 

Still, in the gift ideas category for BTS fans in 2022, deluxe and limited editions are unique and desirable products. BTS – BE Deluxe Edition is very popular these days.

kpop group CD album
BTS – BE (Deluxe Edition)

If you can get your hands on a BTS limited edition ON – 7″ Vinyl LP, you will surely make any ARMY forever grateful because it can be considered a rare collector’s item.

kpop group LP album
BTS ON – 7″ Vinyl

Endless Entertainment Options

Special Packages

Other popular entertainment products among BTS fans are special packages. Luckily for ARMYs, BTS’s entertainment library offers a variety of things to watch, read, listen to, play, etc. 

One of the most popular packages was the BTS 2021 Season’s Greeting, which comes with a wall calendar, the BTS in the Soop online Show, and the Learn! Korean with BTS Book Package.

kpop group calendar and DVD package
BTS – 2021 Season’s Greetings & Wall Calendar


kpop group online content
In the SOOP BTS vers.


kpop group Korean language lessons book package
Learn! KOREAN with BTS Book Package

ARMY Membership

kpop group fan club membership package
7th ARMY Membership Kit

One can be considered a part of the BTS ARMY if one enjoys and supports BTS as a group and their music. There is, however, an official ARMY membership, which offers exclusive content and accessibility to certain products. Although not necessary, it provides some perks that many BTS fans would find beneficial.

Concert Tickets – the ultimate gift for a BTS ARMY

kpop group members standing on water
BTS – Map Of The Soul (World Tour)

Indeed, the item most expensive and difficult to purchase on this list, a chance to witness BTS live is every ARMY’s dream. The tickets for BTS concerts are tough to get; one might wait hours on the day the bookings open just to find out the tickets have been sold out already. Ranging from prices between 50 – 300$, they are a gift idea for the ones of you with a higher budget. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, any events of such size are prohibited. However, BTS’s Map of the Seoul World Tour is expected to happen as soon as possible.


BT21 are cartoon characters created by the BTS members in collaboration with Line Friends. The characters have individual personalities and background stories and come with a vast arsenal of products. One of the best gifts for BTS fans, ARMYs love the cute little characters as if they were BTS’s children.

Huge BT21 Plushie

kpop group cartoon character plushies
BT21 – Large Pillow Plushies

If you ask any BTS fan what they would like to buy from the BT21 collection, you can be sure that one of the top answers will be a BT21 large-sized plushy. Each ARMY might have its favorite BT21 character so that you can choose from the eight different designs available.

Baby BT21 Charm

For a more portable and even cuter option, you can go for the BT21 baby collection. Bag charms are an upcoming fashion trend, and the baby BT21 ones are just the perfect little gift for a BTS ARMY.

Official Merchandise 

BTS Merchandise has evolved from only carrying typical concert merch to an arrangement of trendy and stylish products. Official merch products such as a BTS gift set for ARMYs will make them as excited as possible.

Army Bomb Light Stick – A Staple Among Devoted Fans

kpop group fandom light stick
BTS Official Light Stick MAP OF THE SOUL Special Edition

The ARMY Bomb is the official lightstick for BTS fans. It is an item used mainly during concerts, but it can also be a treasured memento for an ARMY. The 4th version, the BTS Official Light Stick Map of the Soul Special Edition, is the newest.

POP UP Fashion

kpop group merchandise
BTS – POP UP Store Merch

BTS’s merch fashion line has stunned ARMYs over the past few years. Once only sold about concert tours, BTS has recently come out with various fashionable merch varying in colors and themes.  From the usual hoodie and t-shirt to phone cases, jackets, and concert bags. You will surely find an item that most BTS fans would love to own.

POP UP Light Stick Keyring

kpop group light stick ring
BTS – Light Stick Ring

A cute smaller version of the ARMY Bomb, which you can wear as an accessory, the light stick ring is a small but endearing gift.

Rare and limited editions

Being a part of ARMY also often means becoming an item collector. Many ARMYs collect the photocards that will come with the BTS albums or product collaborations. Some cards are harder to find than others. That’s why a ” market ” type has surged, where ARMYs will trade or sell cards to one another. You can find sellers and traders on Twitter or eBay. 

Photocards as gifts for BTS fans

kpop group members photo cards
BTS Photocards Collection

To give cards as gifts to BTS fans, you should know which ones your friend is collecting. You may consider which member, album, album version, or collaboration your friend collects photocards from.


TinyTan, another brand of BTS members’ cartoonish characters, launched in 2019. They have since been trendy among the BTS fandom.

Plush Whale – TinyTan

kpop group purple whale plush
TinyTan – Plush Whale

The purple whale plushy perfectly symbolizes the connection between BTS and their fans. Purple became the fandom’s official color since BTS member V introduced purple as having the meaning of love during one of the group’s concerts. In addition, the song “Whalien 52” and the music video for “We are Bulletproof : the Eternal” portrayed the connection between BTS and ARMY through the metaphor of a lonely whale finally finding someone who would listen to its song.

MicDrop Figurine – TinyTan

kpop group figurines
TinyTan – Figure MIC DROP


In addition, if the above items fail to appease your taste, you could also consider other options.


drawings of kpop group members
this is Fanart Print by @refrainbow on Instagram

Fanart is a very popular concept among any fandom; ARMY is no exception. If a particular member or a specific style is preferred, you could try and make or search for DIY gifts for BTS fans, such as Fanart. You can find a variety of artists on Twitter and Instagram.

Enamel Pins

fan made kpop group enamel pins
Fan-made BTS Enamel Pins

Enamel Pins (although not offered often by the BTS official merch) are an excellent souvenir for a BTS fan. There are many fan-made design options on Etsy and AliExpress.

Hopefully, these gift ideas will help you find the perfect gift you are looking for. Let us know if you manage to make an ARMY happy with one of the items on this list! Do you have any other suggestions?

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