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Who are the tallest male Kpop stars of all time? Kpop is not filled with tall male Kpop stars. It is not that there are not a lot of tall Koreans. It is that one aspect of height is leverage. Tall dancers have issues controlling their limbs because of the mechanics of what many in the industry call “lever arm.” Dance is a major aspect of Kpop and is one of the key factors Kpop entertainment companies look for when finding talent. However, a tall Kpop dancer with good control and technique visually makes a more significant impression than a short dancer, but the effect is much harder to achieve.

There are visual illusions that give shorter dancers a bit of an advantage. On a stage, because of the superior posture of dancers, short dancers can look much taller than they are unless they are paired next to a genuinely tall dancer. This is why many Kpop groups consist of members of the same height. The Kpop industry is known for its perfect combination of visuals, talent, and charisma. Today, we’ll explore the tallest male Kpop idols of all time and update the list as new members break out. We already did an article on the tallest female Kpop stars, so¬†check that out as well.

Junghyun (2Z) – 193.5 cm

tallest male kpop star

The height of Junghyun has been debated on the internet for years. In an interview, he said he was 192cm, but he later posted on social media that he was 195. Many thought this was a joke, but others took it seriously. As the bass player and vocalist for the band 2Z there are no clear-cut images of him online to get an accurate height measurement. We will meet in the middle and say he is 193.5 until otherwise corrected.

Park Seo Ham (KNK) – 193 cm

Park Seo Ham

Park Seo Ham made his debut as a member of the Kpop boy KNK back in 2016. However, he broke out for his starring role in the Korean drama Semantic Error. His profile on many Kpop sites has him listed at 189 cm, but back in 2020, he revealed his actual height was 193 cm, and based on the scenes in the drama, we think he is telling the truth.

Uiyeon (GreatGuys) – 192.5 cm

tallest male kpop stars

Uiyeon, also known as Kim Ui-yeon, is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the boy group GreatGuys. Uiyeon was born in Seoul, South Korea, on August 23, 1997. He stands at 192.5cm, which makes him the tallest member of GreatGuys. All the members in the group are tall with the shortest member being 178 cm.

Rowoon (SF9) – 191.5 cm


Rowoon, also known as Kim Seok-woo, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor. He is a member of the boy group SF9. Rowoon was born on August 7, 1996, in Ilsan, South Korea. He stands 191.5 cm tall, which makes him the tallest male Kpop idol in the industry.

Yooshin – 191 cm


Yoosin is a singer-songwriter who broke out in late 2022. His digital single ‘Sansevieria of Misunderstanding’ started trending and appearing on the Korean survival shows The Idol Band: Boy’s Battle and Stars Awakening.

Hwal Chan (GreatGuys) – 190 cm

Hwal Chan

Another member of GreatGuys makes this list. Hwal Chan when standing side by side with Uiyeon is slightly shorter than him. So we feel confident he is at least 190 cm. He appeared on the SBS competitive survival show Kookmin Singer.

Taewoo (G.O.D.) – 190 cm

tallest male kpop star

Taewoo was the lead vocalist for the Kpop boy group G.O.D. But he has had a successful career after the group announced their indefinite hiatus. He is now not only a musical actor but also a T.V. personality.

J.K. (N.O.M.) – 190 cm

J.K. N.O.M.

J.K. is the main vocalist and dancer for N.O.M. under JZ Factory Entertainment, a company where he is the current CEO.

Zelo (B.A.P.) – 188 cm


Zelo is nicknamed “Giant Baby,” and is the tallest member in B.A.P. He is also the maknae of the group.

Lou VAV -187.5 cm


Lou is a member of the boy group VAV. He also appears on a YouTube web drama called ‘Lemon Car Video.’

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