Turning BTS into Women

COVID-19 has caused SEOULSPACE to work from home, and to combat the boredom of being locked down, we decided to download the once-popular app FaceApp. It is a photo editing app that allows you to change the look of a person in terms of age, hair color, facial hair, and even gender. We decided to see how the members of BTS would look if they were born a woman. The results are pretty amazing. Turning BTS into women was easier than ever, thanks to FaceApp. In addition, we took the time to poll the staff to see which female BTS member was the best looking. Therefore, the results are ranked from the hottest to the least hot. Do you agree? If you have recommendations for other Kpop boy groups, comment in the comments section. To get a full profile, please check out Kprofiles!

Jung Kyung

BTS into Women

Jung Kyung is our choice for the hottest member, but it was close. She is the youngest member of the group. Jung Kyung was born in Busan, and her favorite color is black. She has that girl next door look you want to introduce to your parents. Some of her favorite hobbies include Taekwondo and handball. Her ideal date is to walk along the beach at night.



Vivi comes in second, but it was super close. She speaks Japanese fluently. She likes going to amusement parks and thinks that would be the ideal date. However, parks nearby will also work. Vivi likes dancing in high heels, and her favorite brand is GUCCI. The first-ever Kpop album she bought was Girl’s Generation. Her role model is her dad, who worked hard to let her pursue her dream.



Jamie has that sexy look that will melt any guy’s heart. Her favorite foods are pork, chicken, duck, fruit, and kimchi jjigae. She likes to read comic books and is a black belt in Taekwondo. She is one of the shorter members of the group. Her ideal date is sitting on the beach or going on a countryside date.


BTS Woman

A bit too much makeup by Jina takes her down a few spots. There is no need to wear that much makeup for someone with that worldwide natural beauty. She loves snowboarding, playing video games, and speaking Chinese (Mandarin). Her ideal type is a boy whose looks and personality are similar to that of a puppy.


BTS into Women

Hope is the best dancer in the group. She likes it when someone strokes her hair as she can sleep easily. Her ideal date is to take a walk on the beach and hold hands. She is looking for someone who loves her and is good at cooking. Check her out on VLIVE.

RA (Rap Angel)

BTS into Women

RA is the best English speaker in the group. She learned how to speak English by watching Friends on TV. Before joining the group, she performed as an underground rapper in Korea. Her favorite hobbies include ice skating, cycling, photography, and mountain climbing. Her ideal date is watching a movie, eating, and walking.


BTS into Women

Salt looks like Suga but with a wig. She is not the best-looking group member, but she makes up for it with her amazing rap skills on the mic. The other members call her “grandma” because she always sleeps and can be cranky. She loves to play basketball, take photos, and play with cats.

Did you enjoy us turning BTS into Women? Let us know which other Kpop Boy Group we should do next!

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