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Are you a true BTS fan? Do you own some of the best BTS merchandise out there? This is the ultimate BTS Quiz that no one has been able to get a perfect 20 score without cheating. A combination of easy, medium, hard, and just plain impossible questions separates the real ARMY from the fakes. However, even true BTS fans will have a hard time getting 18/20. Therefore, this is BTS trivia for SUPER FANS, so don’t take this exam unless you know pretty much all there is to know about BTS. It is the hardest BTS Quiz on the internet and will constantly be improved as the years go on. Good luck, and oh yea.

Also, take this test on a desktop computer and use the CHROME Browser as it is not formatted for mobile. You won’t be able to see your results if you take this test on a smartphone. 

The Ultimate BTS Quiz

Welcome to your The Ultimate BTS Quiz - BTS Trivia for Super Fans

Which BTS album was the first to sell 1 million copies?

What is Jimin’s Blood type?

They were featured on what magazine as the “Next Generation Leaders”?

What city was Jungkook born in?

BTS partnered with UNICEF for what kind of campaign?

Which two members of BTS wrote the lyrics to “No More Dream”?

What was the name of BTS’s variety show on SBS MTV?

What instrument can V play?

When BTS performed on Saturday Night Live who was the host?

The Steve Aoki Remix of their song “Mic Drop” featured what American rapper?

During his middle school years, what country was Jin an exchange student in?

What color is Halsey’s lollipop at the beginning of the into for “Boy With Luv”?

What position does Suga play in basketball?

Guinness World Records gave BTS a spot on their 2018 edition for having the world’s most engagement on what social media platform?

What is RM’s Zodiac sign?

The 2018 BTS “Burn the Stage” documentary had how many episodes?

What year does BTS’s contract run out?

The BTS mobile game “BTS World” was developed by what gaming company?

What is written on J-Hope’s black t-shirt in the music video of “Dynamite”?

Who was the second member to join BTS?

So how did you do in the BTS quiz? We tried to make sure there was at least one question on Suga, V, Jin, RM, Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope. We will continue to update the quiz and replace questions that are too easy based on the data collected. Therefore, this will ensure that this BTS Quiz is the hardest quiz online. As BTS continues to release new music, we might even increase the number of questions to 25 or 30. Once SEOULSPACE is fully up and running, we will add prizes for those who ace this quiz. So stay tuned.

  1. uh… took the quiz… hit submit.. and got a verification fail? I just wanna know my score… what’s this even mean? Nonce Validation failed!…..

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